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Submit to Pure for Aarhus BSS

As a researcher at Aarhus BSS, you can submit your publications to Pure on this page. Provide AU Library with information about yourself and your publication and we will then register it in Pure and ensure Open Access when possible.

Check whether your publication already appears on your personal webpage before you submit - one of your co-authors may have already submitted it.

Peer review

  1. Peer review of a manuscript involves the preparation of a written assessment that demonstrates its scientific quality
  2. Peer review must be performed prior to publication.
  3. At least one reviewer must be external and unconnected with the publisher.
  4. Reviewers must be skilled researchers (i.e. have completed a PhD).
  5. The review must address the scientific quality of the work and how it contributes to new knowledge and understanding.

Source: Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education. Further information

Submitting publications on behalf of a researcher

If you submit on behalf of a researcher, you must:

  • Fill in 'Your Name' with your own name
  • Fill in 'Your AU e-mail' with your own mail
  • Fill in 'Department' with the author's departmental affiliation

In addition, be aware that you - not the author - will be contacted by the AU Library, BSS in case of lacking information on the submission.

What about Open Access?

AU Library makes sure to register your publication properly and make it Open Access available if possible. Just remember:

  • If your publication is 'Green' Open Access (ie the publisher allows upload of post-print), you must upload the accepted manuscript via 'Upload accepted manuscript''
  • If your publication is 'Golden' Open Access (you paid for making it available) you must provide a link or a DOI via 'Link/DOI'
  • AU Library will add a AU coversheet with the correct reference to the final published version of the publication (See an example)

Read more about Open Access at AU

How do I submit content other than publications?

The submission form is only intended for submitting publications to Pure.

If you want to create other content in Pure, for example cv's, activities or projects, you must log in to Pure and do it manually.

Go to Pure login


You are welcome to contact your departments PURE contact here.

If you have questions about the form please contact AU Library

1444481 / i40