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Submit to PURE for Aarhus BSS

If you are a researcher at Aarhus BSS, you can submit your publications to PURE on this page. Provide AU Library, BSS with information about yourself and your publication and we will then register it in PURE for you and ensure Open Access (where possible).

Check whether your publication is already on your personal home page before you submit - one of your co-authors may already have submitted it.

Submit to PURE for Aarhus BSS


Information about you:

Information about your publication and Open Access:

If your publication is 'Golden' Open Access specify the DOI or link in 'Digital copy: DOI/Link'
If your publication is 'Green' Open Access upload an accepted manuscript via 'Digital copy: File'

When you press the 'Submit to AU Library, BSS' you can review and verify the information you entered before submission. After submission you will receive an email with a receipt .

Your publication will appear on your personal website within five working days

Do you want to be contacted about the submission?


Why can't I submit more information about my publication?

AU Library, BSS only need a few select pieces of information to find and register your publication. We have therefore limited the bibliographic information you must provide the following:

  • Title
  • An digital copy: Either DOI/link or file
  • Author(s)

If we have this information, we have enough to find the remaining information to be used.

If you do not have a DOI/link or a file, you can enter publication information in 'Other info about the publication'.

What if I submit on behalf of a researcher?

If you submit on behalf of a researcher, you must:

  • Fill 'Your Name' with your own name
  • Fill 'Your AU e -mail' with your mail
  • Fill 'Department' with the author's departmental affiliation

In addition, be aware that you - not the author - will be contacted by the AU Library, BSS in case of lacking information on the submission.

What about Open Access?

AU Library, BSS makes sure to register your publication properly and make it available if it is Open Access. Just remember:

  • If your publication is 'Green' Open Access (ie the publisher allows upload of post-print), you must upload an accepted manuscript via 'Digital copy :File'
  • If your publication is 'Golden' Open Access (you paid for making it available) you must provide a link or a DOI via 'Digital copy: Link/DOI'

Read more about Open Access at AU

How do I submit content other than publications?

The submission form is only intended for submitting publications to PURE.

If you want to create other content in PURE, for example cv's, activities or projects, you must log on to PURE and do it yourself.

Go to PURE main page

Tell us what you think

AU Library, BSS will continuously evaluate the submission form. Follow the link below to answer a brief questionnaire on the submission form. Answering takes about 5 min.

The link to the questionnaire is also embedded in the receipt you receive upon submission. You can answer the questionnaire as many times as you want.

You are also welcome to write an email or contact your department's contact person (see contact information under 'Contact') if you want to procide feedback.


If you have questions about the form or wish to submit by mail, please contact AU Library, BSS

You are also welcome to contact your departments PURE contact

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