News from the senior management team no. 2/2014

Status of the budget process

Last week, the heads of department, centre directors and deputy directors held the first discussions with their local liaison committees on the budget framework and cost-reduction targets, after which they informed their employees about how the cost-reduction targets will be implemented locally. The local managers now have until the beginning of February to plan how to achieve the targets, at which point they will hold new meetings with their local liaison committees. 

The application deadline for voluntary redundancy packages is 4 February. Preventive measures such as voluntary redundancies, senior schemes and a hiring freeze may have a bearing on the number of compulsory redundancies. The individual applications will be assessed specifically and individually.

Members of expert group appointed

At their first meeting, the senior management team and the internal problem analysis panel appointed the five members of the expert group that will conduct the analysis.

The members of the expert group are:

  • Professor Torben M. Andersen (chair)
  • Professor Jens Blom-Hansen
  • Professor Andreas Roepstorff
  • Professor Lotte Bøgh Andersen
  • Administration Manager Steen Harrit Jakobsen

The analysis panel and the senior management team will have the mandate for the expert group ready on 17 February, after which the group can start the analysis work. It is up to the expert group to organise and carry out the analysis. According to the plan, the analysis group will submit its report in May. On the basis of this report and the group's comments on the analysis, the senior management team will draw up a draft decision-making proposal which will be submitted for internal consultation at the university.

The internal problem analysis is part of the overall follow-up to the academic development process which was announced by Rector Brian Bach Nielsen in November 2013.

The members of the analysis panel were selected by the academic councils, the Main Liaison Committee, the students and the administration. 

Spotlight on the study environment in new large survey

The study environment is in focus when Aarhus University invites its more than 30,000 full-time students to answer questions about stress, well-being, learning objectives and examination types. In the spring, data will be collected for the large study environment survey, which was previously conducted in 2011 and 2007.

The study environment survey is Aarhus University's version of the statutory assessment of the educational environment which must be conducted every three years. The results are used to set the agenda for development work, both in the local academic environments as well as at faculty and university level.

As in previous years, the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CUL) is responsible for the survey. The survey is expected to include responses from more than 10,000 students, and the results will be published on the AU website at the end of 2014.


  • 23-24 January: Rectors' meeting in the Hamburg/Kiel/SDU partnership
  • 3 February: Minister for Health and Prevention Astrid Krag visits the Faculty of Health
  • 12 February: Joint Main Liaison Committee/Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee meeting
  • 26 February: Board meeting

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