All citizens must have a NemKonto (Easy Account)

From time to time, most Danish citizens receive payments from the state, county and municipality. Such payments include wages, the State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme (SU in Danish), housing subsidies, tax rebates, pensions, etc.

To facilitate these payments for all concerned, they will be paid into your NemKonto.

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Questions about NemKonto

Should I contact the pay office when I want to change my NemKonto?

No. The pay office does not have access to change your NemKonto account number. Only you can do this – either via your bank or at (providing you have a digital signature).

Will my NemKonto be printed on my pay slip?

No, it will just say “NemKonto”. 

What should foreigners with a Danish CPR (National Civil Register) number do?

These foreigners can have either a Danish or a foreign NemKonto. They should just contact their bank.

What should foreigners with no Danish CPR (National Civil Register) number do?

The procedure will remain unchanged from the current practice. The pay office will send the amount to their foreign account if this is stated in the application form, or by cheque.