To ensure that our return to the Arts communal areas takes place safely for everybody, there are a number of things you must know and do:

If you feel ill and/or have symptoms of COVID-19, you must stay at home

Maintain good hand hygiene – use hand sanitizer/wash your hands:

  • When you arrive on campus
  • When you arrive at study areas, group rooms and reading rooms, etc.
  • Throughout the day when you are on campus

Observe the guidelines for how many people are allowed to be in a given room

Observe the distance requirement (1 metre)

If you use shared tools/equipment, ensure you wash your hands and the tools/ equipment each time you use them

Wipe down the table and the chair armrests every time you leave a table.  

In each communal area, there will be:

  • A sign to say how many people can be in the room
  • A sign displaying the Danish Health Authority’s advice on preventing the spread of infection
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Disinfectant for wiping down tables and other fixtures  

Communal contact points will be cleaned every day. These include:

  • Door handles •
  • Door frames and the area of door around the handle
  • Switches and card readers
  • Tables • chairs – back rests and arm rests
  • Hand rails
  • Dispensers There will be an increased focus on the cleaning of toilets – especially those in busy areas.  

Hand sanitizer and disinfectant bottles will be refilled daily. If you notice that a hand sanitizer or disinfectant bottle needs refilling, please contact the cleaning manager – you can find the relevant contact information here: