Using rooms at the Faculty of Arts

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Rooms can be booked based on the following principles:

  • The faculty wants to know what its rooms are used for. They must be used with respect, and must be handed over ready for use by the next user. The faculty’s rooms are reserved for teaching and other academic activities. Rooms can be booked via the office responsible for allocating rooms at the faculty:  
  • Rooms can be booked by staff and students at the Faculty of Arts who are organising academic or social events which are AU related (in other words, not private parties).
  • People wishing to organise events (including student parties) must gain approval of the agreement for borrowing rooms at least 14 days before events for less than 150 people, and at least one month before events for more than 150 people.
  • As a general rule, teaching activities or meetings that begin before 18:00 do not need an agreement for borrowing rooms. But event organisers should remember that the doors will be locked automatically at 18:00. If you want one or more doors to stay unlocked after 18:00, please contact: Aarhus: The Maintenance Office by email: Emdrup: Create a case via
  • When the event organiser signs the agreement for borrowing rooms, he/she accepts responsibility for ensuring that the room, its equipment and the surrounding area are borrowed and returned as agreed, that the equipment has been put back into place, and that the room has been cleaned as agreed. The details are arranged when the agreement is handed over to the Building Operations and Maintenance Office.  

Steps in the process involved in borrowing rooms:

  1. The organisers of events in lecture theatres or classrooms must book the premises they want in advance at the office responsible for allocating rooms: Organisers of events wishing to borrow a study area or Friday bar premises should contact the Arts Building Services.
  2. Events are subject to the approval of the school/host department representative concerned, who must also sign the agreement.
  3. The organiser must hand in the agreement for signing by the Building Operations and Maintenance Office. In Aarhus: Nobel Park, building 1467, room 123, in Emdrup: Tuborgvej 164, room A001. A number of practical issues will be discussed, including cleaning, alarms, fire and emergency exits, lighting and waste disposal. With a view to ensuring the success of the event, the event organiser must attend this meeting in person.
  4. The organisers of events in lecture theatres or classrooms must send an email confirming the event to the office responsible for allocating rooms at the Faculty of Arts.  
  • Events taking place on weekdays must finish no later than 22:00. Events on Fridays can be held between 16:00 and 02:00, providing that this does not annoy any other people in the building. The school/host department representative and the Arts Building Services agree to this when they sign the agreement for borrowing rooms.
  • Study areas used for Friday bars between 16:00 and 02:00 (cf. the agreement on borrowing rooms/current semester plan) must be ready for study purposes no later than Saturday at 08:00. From Saturday at 08:00 to Friday at 16.00, study areas are used for academic activities.
  • Shared areas outside study areas (corridors, toilets and outdoor areas) which are used for parties and other events must be cleaned and tidied up immediately after the event concerned.
  • Events involving the consumption of food may not be held in the classrooms. Such events can be held in: Aarhus: The cafeteria in building 1482 or the canteens located in the schools.
    Emdrup: Room 170, the bar or the Main Hall.
  • The event organiser is responsible for obtaining the necessary licences from the local authorities, for instance in connection with selling alcohol, handling food and noise at outdoor events. The event organiser must also pay any expenses connected with planning and carrying out the event, for instance the Danish KODA tax.   
  • Events/parties organised by Friday bars must be held in connection with the Friday bars that have already been planned (see the current semester plan).
  • Study areas which are also used for Friday bars can be used by other events provided that the agreement for borrowing rooms has been completed and approved. For the sake of good order, the event organiser should contact the chair of the Friday bar concerned to discuss the layout of the room, how to return the room to its original condition, borrowing bars and storage space etc.
  • The Estates Projects and Development Secretariat at the AU Finance and Estates Projects and Development Office are responsible for renting rooms for ad hoc events arranged by external organisers. Rooms are only rented out for events which are in keeping with the activities of Aarhus University. The content and objective of each event will be assessed, along with other issues. A rental agreement will be drawn up when premises are rented. Contact Heidi Andersen on
    (45) 87 15 22 79 or at
  • The current agreements for borrowing rooms for Friday bars and other events at the Faculty of Arts can be found on the Arts Building Services website. This is also where you will find the university’s guidelines for organising parties/events, as well as the faculty’s additions to these guidelines.