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Advanced grant calls

ERC-2021-AdG advanced grants. Horizon Europe: Excellent Science

Deadline: 31-08-2021. Amount: €3,500,000.

These support established research leaders in conducting innovative research projects. The budget is €626 million to fund approximately 250 grants. Each grant is worth up to €2.5m over five years and an additional €1m may be requested.

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Starting and consolidator grant calls

Ascending investigators programme. Lundbeck Foundation | Lundbeckfonden.

Deadline: 20-05-2021. Amount: DKK 5,100,000.

This supports established scientists at Danish non-commercial research institutions in further developing their careers and conduct research with a potential benefit for neuroscience and therapies for nervous system disorders. Grants are worth up to DKK 5 million over four years.

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Inge Lehmann-programme. Independent Research Fund Denmark | Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond.

Deadline:17-06-2021. Amount: DKK 2,000,000.

This supports younger researchers who, through the management of a research project, wish to develop their potential as excellent research leaders. The objective of this specific programme is to strengthen the talent development within Danish research by promoting a more even gender ratio in research environments in Denmark. Between 30 and 40 grants are available, each worth up to DKK 2 million excluding overhead for up to four years.

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Young talented cancer researchers grants. Danish Cancer Society | Kræftens Bekæmpelse

Deadline: 18.06.2021. Amount: DKK 4,000,000.

These support younger researchers in the field of cancer research in the form of project funding and postdoctoral fellowships. Funding is worth up to DKK 4 million over up to three years.

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Postdoc fellowship calls

Postdoctoral fellowships. European Molecular Biology Organisation

Open deadline.

These enable postdoctoral researchers to visit laboratories throughout Europe and the world. Each fellowship lasts between one and two years. Funding includes a subsistence stipend with a value dependent on the host country, as well as travel up to €5,000 and child care allowances of up to €2,500 per year and child.

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Phd fellowship calls

Støtte til forskning i sygdom og sygdomsbekæmpelse. Gangsted Foundation | Gangstedfonden.

Deadline: 31-08-2021. Amount: DKK 500,000.

Der ydes støtte til forskning i og bekæmpelse af sygdomme, specielt i forbindelse med PhD-projekter. Der gives maksimalt bevillinger på DKK 500,000.

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Preparation of protocol for PhD courses. Region Midtjylland.

Deadline: 01-09-2021. Amount: DKK 100,000.

This supports the preparation of protocols for PhD courses in the Central Denmark Region. Grants are worth up to DKK 100,000 to cover salary expenses.

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Project grant calls

Større øjenprojekter. Velux Foundations.

Deadline: 11.05.2021. Amount: DKK 4,000,000.

Der ydes støtte til øjenprojekter, der udgår fra landets øjenafdelinger, hvor der samarbejdes med andre danske eller internationale forskergrupper. Støtte har en værdi af op til DKK 4 millioner. 

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Ageing well in the digital world – advancing inclusive health and care solutions for ageing well in the new decade collaborative grants. ERA-Net Active Assisted Living Programme.

Deadline: 21-05-2021. Amount: €2,500,000.

This supports innovative, translational and multidisciplinary collaborative projects open to all active assisted living application areas, but with a focus on inclusive health and care approach, health and care ecosystems and the accessibility of digital solutions. Funding is worth up to €2.5 million per project for between 12 and 30 months.

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Project support for exploratory studies in coherent courses of treatment. Novo Nordisk Foundation | Novo Nordisk Fonden.

Deadline: 02-06-2021. Amount: DKK 1,000,000.

This supports exploratory research-based projects that, within the framework of the existing health care system, aim to investigate and uncover conditions that affect the coherence of courses of treatment in the health care system, experienced from a patient and citizen perspective. Grants are worth between DKK 100,000 and DKK 1m for a period of six to 18 months.

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Endocrinology research and metabolism grants – Nordic region. Novo Nordisk Foundation | Novo Nordisk Fonden.

Deadline: 10-06-2021. Amount: DKK 3,000,000.

The following information is subject to change. These grants support basic and clinical research projects within the endocrine system and metabolism relating to cellular energy homeostasis.

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Interdisciplinary synergy programme. Novo Nordisk Foundation | Novo Nordisk Fonden.

Deadline: 10-06-2021. Amount: DKK 15,000,000.

This supports research projects across disciplines, organisations and national borders, in order to resolve novel interdisciplinary challenges in relation to the foundation’s core science areas. Grants are worth DKK 3.75m per year over four years.

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Kidney research funding pool. Augustinus Foundation | Augustinus Fonden.

Deadline: 15-06-2021. Amount: DKK 5,000,000.

This supports a wide range of kidney research projects related to causes, prevention, diagnostics, treatment and complications. Grants are worth between DKK 3 million and DKK 5m over three to five years to cover salaries.

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Less inequality in cancer among ethnic minorities. Danish Cancer Society | Kræftens Bekæmpelse. 

Deadline: 18-06-2021. Amount: DKK 3 million to support up to three projects.

This supports research in the areas of risk, treatment and follow-up of cancer in ethnic minorities. The total budget is worth DKK 3 million to support up to three projects.


Research grants. LEO Foundation | LEO Fondet.

Deadline: 30-06-2021.

These support dermatological research projects worldwide. 

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Donation. Sygeforsikringen Danmark.

Deadline: 01-07-2021. Minimum amount: DKK 5,000,000.

This donation supports health research, information and prevention that can benefit Danish society. The total budget is worth DKK 150 million. 

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Exploratory interdisciplinary synergy programme. Novo Nordisk Foundation | Novo Nordisk Fonden.

Deadline: 19-08-2021. Amount: DKK 5,000,000.

This supports novel research ideas that seek to resolve interdisciplinary challenges in the biomedical, clinical, health, life science and natural and technical sciences. Grants are worth up to DKK 5m for up to three years.

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Forskningsstøtte til sikkerhed, sundhed og trivsel. Tryg Foundation | Trygfonden.

Deadline: 01-09-2021.

Denne gives til projekter inden for kerneområderne sikkerhed, sundhed og trivsel i Danmark.

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Investigator initiated clinical trials. Novo Nordisk Foundation | Novo Nordisk Fonden.

Deadline: 01-09-2021. Amount: DKK 20,000,000.

These aim to strengthen the opportunities to carry out larger clinical trials in Denmark that do not have commercial purpose. Grants are worth between DKK 5 million and DKK 20m over three to five years.

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Steno collaborative project grants.Novo Nordisk Foundation | Novo Nordisk Fonden.

Deadline: 02-09-2021. Amount: DKK 10,000,000.

These support collaborative projects between the five Danish Steno diabetes centres and the research environments related to the centres. Grants are worth between DKK 100,000 and DKK 10 million over one to five years.

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Experiment call. Lundbeck Foundation | Lundbeckfonden.

Deadline:03-09-2021. Amount: DKK 2,000,000.

This supports research ideas that challenge the norms and prevailing ideas within the fields of biomedical, clinical or health science. Grants are worth up to DKK 2m over two years to cover all staff and non-staff costs.

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Non-diabetic endocrinology – collaborative project grants. Novo Nordisk Foundation | Novo Nordisk Fonden.

Deadline: 22-09-2021. Amount: DKK 10,000,000.

These support clinical research collaborations in the fields of endocrine and metabolic diseases other than diabetes. Grants are worth between DKK 100,000 and DKK 10 million for one and five years.

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Programme/center grant calls

Centres of excellence. Danish National Research Foundation | Danmarks Grundforskningsfond.

Deadline: 01.06.2021. Amount: DKK 96,000,000.

These grants aim to strengthen Danish research by supporting the creation of centres of excellence that provide the best possible working conditions and organisational set-up for selected researchers across all research areas. Grants are worth up to DKK 96 million over up to ten years. Read more here.