Academic English Writing Workshop

Do you wish you could communicate your research better in English? Would you like to feel more confident writing academic articles in English? Would you like to receive individual feedback on your English academic style? If so, then the Academic English Writing Workshop is for you.

Target group

The workshop is open to all faculty members at Aarhus University who wish to improve their academic writing skills in English.


We will focus on the qualities of good academic writing, including clarity, style, cohesion, structure and argumentation. We will also examine relevant grammatical and usage issues.

The workshop will include instructor presentations, guided discussions, practical exercises, and instructor and peer-to-peer feedback.

This course provides a valuable opportunity for you to improve your own research articles. Prior to the start of the workshop, you will be invited to submit a 4–5 page writing sample of an article you are currently working on (or have recently completed). During the course, you will receive feedback on this writing sample on a topic-by-topic basis. In the final session, you will have the opportunity to discuss your English academic writing individually with the course instructor.


5 sessions of 3 hours


The course will be taught by Sarah Jennings. Sarah has a PhD from Warwick University (England) and, since 2011, has been helping AU staff and students with their English communication. She has knowledge of the academic publishing world and works as an academic copyeditor for Language Services in the Faculty of Arts.

Previous employees attenting this course comments: ­

“Before the course, I was a bit skeptic of the relevance that was going to play on my academic writing, but after these 5 weeks, I strongly recommend the course to anyone who is in research.” (Eugenio Gutierrez, Department of Clinical Medicine)

“The combination of personal feedback and basic knowledge on how to excell in academic writing has been a significant outcome for me. The fact that I have received concrete feedback on my scientific paper which I am writing at the moment has been very valuable.” (Jens Laurs Kærsgaard, Centre for Health Sciences Education)

“I now have the tools that I need when I am writing academic texts - I learned how to structure the text, how to enrich my language, and, most importantly, how to make my academic writing clear.“ (Anete Dudele, Department of Clinical Medicine)

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