Car booking BSS

Car booking at Aarhus BSS

Aarhus BSS has two official cars available in Aarhus. These are passenger cars with seats for approximately four to five persons. The cars:

  • may only be used for work-related purposes
  • may be borrowed by employees at Aarhus University, BSS (not by students, for insurance purposes)
  • may only be driven in Denmark
  • may be used for transportation to/from airports, as long as the stay is only of a few day’s duration. 

Please print the appendix in section 4 and bring it on your trip.

This is what to do

1. Booking car

Contact Aarhus BSS Building Services at Fuglesangs Allé:

Telephone: +45 8716 4113


State: Number of persons, date of collection/return, purpose

2. Collecting keys

Keys and fuel cards must be collected at the agreed time and date from Building Services in building 2628-M. 

3. Collecting car

The car is parked in Pedelgården, Fuglesangs Allé 4 between buildings 2622-C and 2623-D. 
Note: When collecting the key, you also get a key card to Pedelgården which you can use in case you collect or return the car outside normal office hours (7.30-18.00).

4. Driving the car

Read the enclosed appendix for the use of the car 

The borrowed car is self-ensured. This means that accidents and damage to official vehicles are not covered by an insurance company, but by Aarhus University’s own insurance budget.

In case of damage to the car (trouble starting the car, a flat tyre etc.), please notify the Building Services at +45 87 41 13

Via SikkerhedsPartner A/S, it is possible to call Dansk Autohjælp A/S for roadside assistance for official AU vehicles: If you need roadside assistance, call 70 113 113. When contacting Dansk Autohjælp, you must state the car’s registration number and refer to AU’s customer number: SP-87150000 

5. Returning car and keys

You must return the car with a full fuel tank at same place you collected it. Remember to register kilometres driven in the log!

You must return the key and fuel card to Building Services. Outside normal office hours:

Read the enclosed appendix for the use of the car