Emergency response at Aarhus BSS

Aarhus BSS adheres to the AU emergency response concept. Read more about emergency response at AU here.  

First aid and defibrillator 

First aid kits are purchased and maintained by the individual departments and administrative units. First aid kits can be purchased at e.g. Falck. It is a good idea to enter into a service agreement for the first aid kits to ensure that the content is always correct and up-to-date.   

All defibrillators at Aarhus BSS are registered at hjertestarter.dk. Via your smartphone, you can download TrygFonden’s phone app, Hjertestart, which among other things will guide you to the nearest defibrillator.  

Watch the instruction film on first aid and heart massage here.


First aid courses 

Aarhus BSS Estates Facilities coordinates joint first aid courses for employees at Aarhus BSS. 

You register through a webshop. You are also able to join a waiting list by writing to Henrik Friis Bach on hfbach@au.dk.  

 All registrations are expected to be approved by the unit in question.

The basic course include lunch, water and coffee. The brush-up course include water and coffee. You will also receive a first aid book. Venue: Aarhus. Courses in Herning can be arranged as needed. Please contact Henrik Friis Bach on hfbach@au.dk.

One of the scheduled courses will be conducted in English. 

Scheduled courses






Basic course (Danish)


1325 - 228


Basic course (English)


2610 - S313A     


*To participate on the brush-up course, you must have completed the basic course within the last two years. 


If you have any questions about the courses, please contact Henrik Friis Bach on hfbach@au.dk.