Car Booking

Car booking at Arts, Aarhus

Do you need transport in connection with a conference, meeting, field visit or study trip? Arts has three official vehicles in Aarhus which can be used for various official purposes: Two minibuses with eight seats and a passenger car with five seats. Drivers of all three vehicles must have a regular category B driving licence.

It is also possible to borrow official vehicles in Emdrup.

This is what to do

1. Booking car

Download the guide.

You book the car via your Outlook calendar. Select a car and the time and date of the booking. Enter the driver’s name and mobile number under ‘Emne’ (in case of several drivers, only one named driver is needed). State the purpose of the trip and the destination under ‘Sted’. When you have completed your booking, you will receive a booking confirmation.

Remember to update your booking in Outlook in case of any changes.

Special information for students

Students cannot book cars themselves; they must contact the department secretariat where the booking is made. Students must complete a form documenting permission to drive, sign it and have it signed by a member of the department secretariat staff (appointed by the department head).

Download the driving permit.

The driving permit and a printout of the car booking confirmation from Outlook must be taken to Building Services when collecting the car keys.

2. Collecting keys

Car keys can be collected on weekdays between 11.00 and 12.00 from Estate Facilities, building 1467, room 123. Please bring the booking confirmation (from Outlook). Keys can be collected the day before the booking.

If you are unable to collect the key within the above office hours, you can make other arrangements with Estate Facilities on tel. +45 8715 0536 or at

3. Collecting car

It is important that you collect and return the car at the agreed time and date.

The car is parked in the underground car park in building 1467. You also get a key card to be used when collecting or returning the car outside normal office hours.

In the car you will find a log for registering the number of kilometres driven. Please fill this in before returning the car. Check whether the previous driver of the car has registered kilometres driven.

4. Driving the car

You must return the car with a full fuel tank. You must pay for the fuel you use. You must also pay any fines, parking charges etc.

5. Returning car and keys

The car must be returned at the agreed time and date in the underground car park, and keys must be returned to Estate Facilities (outside normal office hours, place the key in the letter box). Please clean the car before returning it (you can find a vacuum cleaner in the garage).

6. Insurance

Aarhus University is self-insured. This means that any accidents and damage to official cars are covered by Aarhus University.

The car is not insured for driving abroad. If taking the car abroad, third-party liability insurance and any other insurance required in the country in question must be taken out.

Special information for students

Students are not covered by Aarhus University’s industrial injury insurance for employees. Students are therefore encouraged to take out private accident insurance.