Introduction week

Buildings and premises

It is essential that the students responsible for organising introduction week know the rules for borrowing premises at the Faculty of Arts. The aim of this site is to give you an idea of what is expected when you borrow the faculty’s premises in connection with introduction week.

Booking rooms

During introduction week, the coordinators can use all the faculty’s classrooms, study environments, cafeterias and other communal areas. The coordinators draw up a plan of which rooms they will need in introduction week, based on what was needed last year. This plan is sent to the students who are organising the event, and to Arts Building Services. 

Loan agreements (Nobel Park, Kasernen and Emdrup)

The students organising events in the Nobel Park, Kasernen and Emdrup must fill in a loan agreement. This agreement must be signed by an introduction week coordinator and the buildings inspector. The agreement is like a driving licence, and must be presented when necessary during the event/party concerned. 

You will find this agreement here


This link contains a checklist which the students organising the event in question must use when cleaning and tidying up the premises afterwards. The list is designed to help by explaining how clean and tidy these premises are expected to be. All the premises that have been borrowed will be checked by a member of staff from Arts Building Services. Students who are organising events in the same premises several days in a row must meet Arts Building Services for a joint inspection of the premises.

More information about checking premises will be available at the information meeting.

Arts Building Services

Arts Building Services provide practical assistance to help make introduction week a success. You can use the checklist below to help you plan the event. In August, Arts Building Services and the coordinators of introduction week will also be holding information meetings.

Practical issues before introduction week

  •  A loan agreement must be completed and approved (including an alcohol licence)
  •  Access to the premises: a list of student organisers must be sent to the Maintenance Office
  •  Instructions regarding fire extinguishing and escape routes must be provided
  •  Information about parking and smoking must be provided
  •  The need for (and location of) storerooms must be discussed
  •  The location of beer deliveries must be agreed
  •  Details about cleaning must be discussed
  •  Information about furniture and standard layout must be provided

Practical issues during introduction week

  •  Any exceptional occurrences such as accidents or personal injury, the need to call an ambulance, damage to buildings or facilities, visits by the authorities or the need to summon help from the authorities must be reported to Arts Building Services by email: 
  •  After 17:00, G4S can be contacted if necessary by phone: 70 33 44 55
  •  The loan agreement is like a driving licence, and must be presented when necessary during the event/party concerned.

Practical issues after introduction week

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  •  The premises and surrounding areas including toilets, communal areas and stair landings must be clean and tidy
  •  Outdoor areas must be clean and tidy
  •  Doors and windows must be closed
  •  Furniture must be replaced in the standard layout
  •  Lost property must be handed in
  •  Packaging for recycling must be dealt with
  •  Checkout procedure must be followed with Arts Building Services after the premises have been cleaned and tidied

Outdoor areas

Outdoor activities during introduction week must be conducted with due consideration for the university’s staff and neighbours. Any requests to use outdoor areas at Kasernen, in the Nobel Park or in Emdrup must be stated in the loan agreement. Applications to hold major events in the University Park must be sent by email to