Facts about the former AUH Nørrebrogade site


  • Nørrebrogade in Aarhus

Construction and expansion

  • The first buildings were erected in 1893 and were designed by architect Thomas Arboe.
  • In 1935, the architects C.F. Møller and Kay Fisker, who also designed the buildings in the University Park, won a contract to expand the hospital.
  • The first new buildings were completed in 1935.
  • The most recent expansion was carried out in 1980.

The layout of AUH Nørrebrogade

  • The buildings are located on either side of a street running north-south.
  • East side: Service facilities and housing.
  • West side: Treatment facilities and inpatient units.

Total floor area

  • 143,306 sq m, including 38,174 sq m basement

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