Aarhus BSS Blackboard support

The Blackboard project team has a variety of offers in regards to support and guidance about the new LMS, Blackboard. 

Dependent on what your request is about there are different persons or departments you can contact. See contact information below.

Missing courses or classes in the course plan

In collaboration with AU Studies and STADS, each departement has to make sure that the courses appears right in Blackboard. The course plan in Blackboard shows the data about courses and classes which is available in STADS. The amount of courses, titles etc. therefore has to be corrected in collaboration with AU Studies.

You can contact Aarhus BSS Studies Administration:

Mail: studyservice.bss@au.dk

The Blackboard project

The Blackboard project team are available for questions and queries concerning the implementation process and the project in general. It can also be questions concerning optimization of the use of Blackboard at a specific department.

You can contact the Blackboard project manager:


You can contact the Blackboard teaching coordinator, Margit Grønborg:

E-mail: mg@au.dk
Phone: +45  8716 6156  / +45 2166 9688  

Technical support

The Blackboard project will be holding a number of courses and café meetings, and puts guidance and online help available. Find Blackboard instructions here. The Blackboard project team also consists of a dedicated support function in the form of Margit Grønborg and Robert Blemings.

You can contact the dedicated Blackboard support:

Mail: bss.it@au.dk
Phone: +45 871 66119
Personal enquiry: Room A201, Fuglesangs Allé 4, building 2620.

You can also contact the Service Desk at Fuglesangs Allé (for examble off hours), which will also be able to assist with general enquiries concerning Blackboard. See contact information here.

Educational use of Blackboard as a learning tool

Centre for Teaching and Learning (CUL) is available for questions and queries concerning the educational use of Blackboard as a learning tool.

You are welcome to contact educational IT consultant Tobias Alsted Nielsen:

E-mail: tan@au.dk
Phone: +45 871 62569