How do I make my mail appear correctly in Blackboard?

Your email address will be collected from STADS if you are a student (including PhD students with an open enrollment) and from IdM if you are employee.

If your email is incorrect then it is in one of these data supporting systems it must be corrected. In other words email addresses cannot be corrected in Blackboard.

How do I add existing users to a course?

As an instructor at a course, you can add additional users to your course. This could e.g. be co-teachers (Instructor), teaching assistants or students who want to follow the course but do not want to take an examination (not enrolled via STADS).

Follow this guide (Only in Danish) to add users to your course.

What happens to the Crocodoc documents which are converted to New Box View?

Your former inline grading made in Crocodoc will remain visible so that you and your students can still see them. However, you are not able to do additional editing/annotation in New Box View.

How do I communicate to a certain study programme or institute?

There has been set up a considerable amount of organizations. Students are automatically connected to an organization on these different levels:

  • Faculty
  • Institute
  • Discipline
  • Administrative Unit
  • Course

With the role course responsible (system role) you can search for and enter the organizations you want to and use them as mail lists for either announcements or emails.

If you do not have the role course responsible and would like to have it, you have to write to the contact person at you faculty. Click the the relevant faculty: Arts, Aarhus BSSHealth og Science & Technology.

How do I set up a shared folder for my students?

You can create a folder to which both you and the student have read and write access. First, the folder must be created and the permissions changed, then the folder must be made visible to the students.

Follow these instructions to create a shared folder for the students.

How do I upload more than one file at a time to my course?

Basically there are two ways of making more than one file available at a time.

You can create a list of uploaded files by choosing Build Content > Create Item under the Content area of a given course. By using Create Item on a course site, individual files can be chosen by means of the Browse-button and consequently be listed under a user-defined heading along with a possible description.

As an alternative a folder can be created in the Content Collection which is made available to the course participants. If you want to upload several files simultaneously to a folder in the Content Collection, choose Upload > Upload Files and then in the right side of the screen chose either Single File or Multiple Files. If you select Multiple Files, it is required that Blackboard is run in a browser which can run java applets. This applies to Internet Explorer, but not Chrome or Firefox. Access to folders in the Content Collections is controlled manually by user rights which means that the folders can also be used as shared folders for students. See the FAQ "How do I set up a shared folder for my students?" for more information.

How can I check what the students can see?

Most pages of a course contain a Enter Student Preview-button which most often is displayed in the upper right corner and pictures rotating arrows. When this button is activated, you can see how the current page is displayed to the course participants. Occasionally, Enter Student Preview is not sufficient and further control of how e.g. assignments look to the course participants is needed. For this purpose a series of test user have been created which teachers can assign to their courses. These test users are continuously reset and since they are used by many users, they may not be given access to copyright material or material which is course exclusive. The test users can be retrieved by sending a request to bb.it@au.dk.

How do I change attendance registration for at student in Qwickly?

As a teacher you can change a student's status from e.g. Absent to Present. Go to Attendance Record and select the cell with the red crossing next to the relevant student (if necessary use Filter Name). A new window opens where the correct status is selected. Remember to save the new status (Save Record).

See the Qwickly guide for more changes to attendance registration (page 4 and onwards).

Why can a student not see his/her courses?

In Blackboard a student can only see the courses where he/she is enrolled via STADS. The courses will not be visible until a few weeks before the course starts. This gives the instructor time to set up information at the course page.

Instructors are enlisted cf. information in the AU Course Catalogue. If you are an instructor and you are not affiliated with the courses you should be, please contact a course secretary at your institute.

How do I create an assignment?

Follow this guide (only in Danish) which describes step-by-step how to create an assignment in Blackboard.

How do I get a list of students in my course?

There are several ways to get a list of your students. You can add an item (Tool Link) called AU List of Participants which displays the students. Some faculties have chosen that this item is created under the name Roster per default on all courses. As an alternative you can click on Users under Users and Groups and see the list.

If you would like an Excel file of the students, this is also possible in several ways. The above-mentioned tool AU List of Participants contains the button Print CSV File which generates a comma-separated file that can be opened in Excel. This file contains the same information which is displayed in AU List of Participants. As an alternative a list containing all students at a course can be retrieved at the Grade Centre. Under Full GC click on the Work Offline-button and chose Download. Then chose "User Information Only" and click on Submit. This gives you access to download an Excel markup file with all the students.

What can a guest do in Blackboard?

Guests can only see content on courses where the course responsible specifically has marked that it can be viewed by guests. This is done on the individual menu items by choosing Permit Guests. Guests only have access to content similar to what students can see and the cannot see answers/solutions to assignments.

Guests will also not be able to take tests etc. at a course.

Users can be added manually to a course with the guest role. See the FAQ "How do I add existing users to a course?" for help on how to add users to courses.

How do I change what is visible at Courses?

You can customize the module by clicking at the small gear at the right corner of the title field in the module box. Here you can make your own personal settings for e.g. sorting on terms and the details of your courses.

How do I copy my "old" course to the coming semesters new course?

If you teach the same course year by year, you would like to copy a lot of the content directly into the coming semesters course. Look in this step by step guide (only in Danish) or follow this link to Blackboard Help