Create content and roles in Blackboard

Blackboard is integrated with a number of administrative systems, which means that courses, students and lecturers are created in Blackboard automatically. Blackboard is a so-called "slave" to the administrative system, and a simply reflecting the data in respectively STADS, Syllabus and IDM. Therefore it is crucial that changes in registration is carried out in the respective systems. 

However Blackboard has got roles and courses, that must be created manually. Thus, staff, who needs the role and privileges of a course administrator must use the form below.

Also users, who are not in any way connected to Aarhus University, can be created manually. However the Blackboard team encourages that the departsments aim at creating staff through the best practise. Therefore staff should be created through the identity management system, and hereby receive an AU-ID and an identity at Aarhus University. Creating a user manually should only be for temporary purpose and concern non-AU staff.

Last, but not least, is is possible to create non-ECTS qualifying courses in Blackboard. This means that it is possible to create a course, that is not a part of the official courses catalogue, for examble study group courses, subject-related courses aso.