The Blackboard team has created a number of written manuals and guides for Blackboard, that are customized for Aarhus University. The aim is to guide you through the functionality of Blackboard, and our manuals and guides can serve both as reference work and as inspiration. Please be aware that the material is dynamic and continuously extended and adjusted.

Some of the manuals are differentiated by the role you have in Blackboard, respectively lecturer, course secretary, student, and support/admin. In this overview you will get a picture of the different privileges (at the moment only in Danish).

Quick Guide

The Blackboard team has created a quick guide for lecturers, which will guide you through the basic functionalities of Blackboard. The manual will enable you to get started in Blackboard by uploading material, creating announcements, and structurering your course site. However, we recommend reading the other guides on this site, since Blackboard contains a variety of functionalities that are not contained in the quick guide.

Instructions in Blackboard

The purpose of the present course material, produced for students and staff at Aarhus University, is to facilitate the transition from other LMS to Blackboard and to prepare students and staff for their use of and interaction with Blackboard by giving instructions and guidelines in the basic use of the system.

Course secretary

  • Special rights
  • Make courses unavailable
  • Enroll to courses


  • How to manage courses
  • How course information and material is added
  • Assignment and group management as well as student interaction

Guide to collaborative tools in Blackboard

  • Advanced functions for lecturers
  • Collaborative tools
  • Functions for feedback

Get started with Blackboard

This instruction is primarily aimed at the course secretaries.

The first time you login to Blackboard as a course secretary or course administrator you can benefit from following this instruction. First of all you must be enrolled into courses relevant to you, but even more important is, that you make sure, that your courses is presented correct in Blackboard. Courses are, by standard, born with 3 levels - a main course, lecture and class level. Therefore you must make sure, that only the relevant levels are shown. Corrections regarding course name, number of classes and so on must be arranged om cooperation with AU Studies.

In this instruction (only in danish for now) you can see how you:

  • login using WAYF
  • tjeck your courses
  • quick enroll/ unenroll
  • Merge courses
  • Upload material to courses

How to implement a course menu structure

In connection to the implementation of Blackboard, the Blackboard project team has facilitated a discussion about course menu structures with a number of departments. In relation to this discussion some departments has defined a standard course menu structure for selected courses. The course menu is created in a dedicated "course" in Blackboard, from where a course secretary or lecturer can copy the menu to the course, they are responsible for. You can search forward the menu structure by searching for bss_menustruktur_candxxxx, where last mentioned refers to the given education. Please note the not all departments have defined a dedicated menu structure.

If your department wish to define a department- og course specific menu structure please contact the Blackboard team.