Registration of external international users

Follow the guide below or see it as a pdf.

1. Registrer as a user in AU systems

In order for a Blackboard administrator to give you access to Blackboard and the courses you are participating in, you must first be registered as a user in AU’s self-service system. To register a new user account, go to Enter your date of birthŒ (1) and email address (2) and click ‘Begin account creation’Ž (3).

2. Enter personal information

A new window will open. Enter your first (1) and last (2) name, choose gender (3)Ž and click ‘Send and activation link’ (3 - yellow). 

3. You are registered as a new user

A mail with an activation link will be sent to you.

4. Activate your user account

You will then receive a mail with an activation link. To activate your account, click the link (1).

5. Enter a password

You will be prompted to choose a password Œ(1) and confirm it (2). Please note and checkmark the terms and conditions for access to the systemŽ (3). Click ‘Save and activate user account’ (3 - yellow).

6. Note your AU ID

You now have an active user account. The AU ID number assigned to your by the system is to the right of your name when you login to by your new credentials (1)Œ. This is the number you should give to your contact at AU in order to get access to Blackboard.

7. Log on to Blackboard

When your contact at AU tells you that you have been set up in Blackboard. Go to (1)Œ and choose the login button (2). Log on with AU ID (e.g. AU123456) + the password you choose at step 2.