Banner sites at AU

Guidelines for booking banner sites

  • The booking of banner sites takes place on a first-come, first-served basis in the Outlook calendar function. Bookings are not valid until approved by email. Once your booking has been approved, you will receive an email containing relevant practical information.
  • Banner sites can only be booked for AU activities (and a small number of AU-related activities), and all banners advertising AU activities must clearly include the Aarhus University logo. Banners advertising AU-related activities must clearly indicate the identity of the organisation responsible (see guidelines for logo use and positioning here).
  • The banner must be submitted to for graphics approval before the organiser has the banner printed. Information about banner site, time frame and contact person must be included in the email. Remember to allow plenty of time for approval. See the formats for the various banner sites below.
  • Banner sites can be booked for max. 14 days at a time, and banners must always be taken down after max. 14 days. Please note that the banner site must be booked e.g. from Monday 1 February to Sunday 14 February (i.e. the booking end date is the day before the day of the week when the booking started = 14 whole days).
  • You can see your booking in Outlook, both before and after confirmation.
  • The organiser is responsible for producing the banner, and for arranging for it to be hung and taken down (see right-hand column on this page for more information).
  • The organiser pays all the costs associated with hanging/taking down the banner.
  • The university reserves the right to change bookings if other bookings take priority.

How to book a banner site

  • Open your Outlook calendar
  • Click ‘New Appointment’
  • Enter the desired start and end times
  • You need to press ‘Invite Attendees’ and then ‘To’, and the global address book will open
  • In the search field, enter ‘Banner’
  • Choose which banner site to book
  • Click ‘Enter’ (the banner site you want is now displayed in the ‘To’ line)
  • Press Send
  • Wait for an email which says ‘Meeting request has been received and awaits acceptance’. Note that the banner site is not booked until you have received yet another mail with approval.

REMEMBER to send your banner to for graphics approval before you send it for printing

Check to see availability:

  • Open your Outlook calendar
  • Click 'Open calendar' and select the list 'From the address book'
  • Write in the search field for the global address list 'Bannerplads'. Choose the banner site you want to use from the list.
  • Click the banner site, and then click 'Calendar' and 'OK'.
  • The calendar for the banner site is now visible and can be selected in your menu on the left. 


Hanging and taking down

At the moment, there are no specific requirements regarding which supplier(s) you should contact to have banners hung and taken down. If you don't know which supplier to choose, you can contact

Banner production

At the moment, there are no requirements regarding which company you should use to have banners produced. However, it is recommended that you obtain quotations from several suppliers. If you need help finding a supplier, you can contact

The following material is recommended for outdoor wall banners:
Dekotex 130 g with edging and grommets every 100 cm or Net PVC 320 g with folded edges and grommets every 100 cm. Alternatively, similar material by agreement with the supplier. The material is slightly transparent, but thanks to the perforations, it is more robust for sites which are exposed to wind. It is always a good idea to go through the order with the chosen supplier.

Sometimes, it is also a good idea to ask the banner producer to send the printed banner directly to the company which will be hanging it up/taking it down. Remember to make an agreement about this with both parties.

AU banner sites:


Building no.

Description of site




Building 1412 Main building facing Ringgaden next to the Main Hall H: 7 m x W: 5 m

Building 1420

Studenterhus Aarhus facing Ringgaden H: 4 m x W: 2,8 m
3 Building 1441 Facing Randersvej H: 4 m x W: 11 m
5 Building 2610 (Building S)   Building S facing Vestre Ringgade

H: 11 m x W: 4


Building 2610 (Building S)

Building S facing parkinglot

H: 7 m x W: 3 m

8 Building 1251 (Lakeside Lecture Theatres) Lakeside Lecture Theatres above the main entrance H: 2 m x W: 12 m
9 Building 1251 (Lakeside Lecture Theatres) Lakeside Lecture Theatres facing Vennelyst Boulevard H: 2,5 m x W: 7,5 m
10 Building 1252 (Lakeside Lecture Theatres) Lakeside Lecture Theatres facing Nørrebrogade H: 6,5 x W: 2,75 m
11 Building 1422 (At Stakladen) Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2-4 outside of Stakladen      H: 2 meter x W: 3 meter      Cannot be used for advertising

* The banner at the former teacher training college should be fitted with 8 mm Keder edges above and below and grommets every 50/100 cm along both sides so it is possible to use carabiners in the holes to attach the banner to the side wires.