Conference supplies and loan items

How to order conference supplies, merchandise and vouchers

You can order your free conference supplies from AU’s webshop. You can order free conference supplies for events with external participants and/or buy conference supplies for other types of events from AU’s webshop. You’ll find conference supplies on the ‘Equipment’ tab.

Please note:

  • We’ll need at least 14 days to process your conference supplies order.
  • All items will be sent by the internal mail service. When you order free conference supplies, please remember to provide us with the correct delivery address and contact person, including building and office number, so Internal Mail Service can deliver the items to you.
  • If you need conference supplies for an internal event, you can also shop on the Stakbogladen and BSS Books webshops or in store.
  • Make sure to familiarise yourself with the guidelines for ordering free conference supplies – you’ll find them below.
  • When purchasing conference supplies from the webshop, please provide the following additional information when you check out (in step 3: Further information - order comments’):
    • Name of event
    • Date of event
    • Expected no. of participants
    • Link to the arrangement, if any

For statistical purposes, we would also like to know whether the conference participants will primarily be Danish or international.

If you have any questions, you can contact Events and Communication Support at or by phone at 9352 2130.

Read more here if you need to buy AU merchandise

Contact for conference supplies orders

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on or by phone on: 9352 2130

NB: please account for a 14 days processing time on orders

Guidelines for free conference supplies

Free conference supplies for events with external participants

In AU’s webshop, AU staff can order free branded conference supplies such as AU notepads, pens, lanyards, nametags and free vouchers for local attractions for use in connection with conferences they organise for Aarhus University. You can only order free conference supplies for academic events at faculties/departments/schools/centres with external participants. Examples of eligible events include academic conferences, seminars and symposiums. In some cases, we can also provide free conference supplies in connection with other types of events with international guests, for example visits by delegations from Denmark and abroad,  as well as major (national and international) conferences hosted by the administration.

When you order conference supplies, remember that:

  • We will require fourteen days to pack and send your order. We may not be able to accept orders with shorter delivery deadlines. This is due to the fact that the internal mail service only collects conference supplies from Events and Communication Support once a week.

You can’t order conference supplies for use in connection with classes, internal courses, staff meetings/seminars and so on. If you need branded supplies for events of this kind, you can buy them from AU’s webshop; Aarhus BSS merchandise is available here.

These guidelines have been put in place to ensure that conference supplies are used for their intended purpose: To support academic events while at the same time branding Aarhus University vis-à-vis its partners and the world at large.

Read more about vouchers for ARoS and Den Gamle By and discounts available at Sandbjerg Estate, ARoS, Den Gamle By and Concert Hall Aarhus.

Name tags and templates

Name tags

Aarhus University supplies free name tags and table name cards for use at conferences and events with external guests to all units at the university. Order via the link in the right-hand column.  

It is still possible to order plastic name tag holders, but only for as long as stocks last. These holders will be phased out and replaced with ‘butterfly’ name tags, which are a more sustainable alternative. Butterfly name tags can be printed out, folded down the middle and firmly attached to a lanyard. They are made from FSC paper and laminated to ensure that they are durable. A single butterfly name tag measures 97 x 86 mm and comes on a sheet of three tags. They can be recycled as paper.

How to create name tags

Here you can download a step-by-step guide on how to add the participants' names to name tagsbutterfly name tags and table name cards

Template for AU name tags
Template for AU butterfly name tags (Danish version)
Template for AU butterfly name tags (English version)
Template for AU butterfly name tags (BSS)
Template for 1 sheet with 1 pcs AU butterfly name tags (Danish version)
Template for 1 sheet with 1 pcs AU butterfly name tags (English version)
Template for 1 sheet with 1 pcs AU butterfly name tags (BSS)
Template for AU table name cards


Merchandise with the Aarhus University logo, such as bags and clothes, can be bought from the Stakbogladen bookshop or from the Stakbogladen webshop: If you need customised merchandise for a conference or event, please contact Lone Jørgensen at  

Payment and delivery
The prices on the web shop include VAT. If you are buying merchandise on behalf of the university, you can use your AU credit card or get an invoice sent to your EAN number. Merchandise can be collected from the Stakbogladen bookshop during opening hours, sent with PostNord, or sent via internal post (only in Aarhus). 

We are constantly working to make AU merchandise more sustainable. For example, we now sell sustainable water bottles, tote bags made from organic cotton, and conference folders produced in collaboration with one of the world’s most environmentally friendly paper factories.

Discounts and vouchers

Aarhus University is able to use the conference and events facilities at Sandbjerg Estate, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Concert Hall Aarhus, and The Old Town (Den Gamle By) at a discounted rate.  Read more about AU’s discount agreements and the benefits they provide for Aarhus University and its conference guests below.

The vouchers mentioned in the agreements can be ordered via our web shop

Sandbjerg Estate

Aarhus University receives a 25% discount on the 24-hour conference stay price at Sandbjerg Estate. This discount was agreed to make it more attractive for Aarhus University’s employees to use Sandbjerg Estate for courses and seminars. The 25% discount applies to Sandbjerg’s 24-hour conference stays but does not apply to additional services such as extra drinks or celebration dinners.

Sandbjerg’s standard price for a 24-hour conference stay is DKK 1,525 (2022 price). With the discount this comes down to DKK 1,143.75 including VAT. 
Sandbjerg’s standard price for a 24-hour conference stay is DKK 1,675 (2023 price). With the discount this comes down to DKK 1,256.25 including VAT. 
It is also possible to deduct 100% of the VAT for everything except catering, for which you can deduct 25% of the VAT.

The discount applies to all participants in events that are arranged by AU. This means that the discount applies to all of the participants in a given event regardless of their place of employment, as long as the organiser is employed at AU. Contact Sandbjerg Estate to hear more about how to get the discount.

Read more about how to apply for financial support from the Aarhus University Research Foundation for academic events held at Sandbjerg Estate 

Read more about Sandbjerg Estate


The agreement between Aarhus University and ARoS offers:

  • Free ARoS vouchers for participants in AU conferences, which grant them free access to ARoS during opening hours:
    Vouchers are only available for conferences and events that include external participants.
    The vouchers are intended for conference participants to use in connection with their conference stay in Aarhus during their ‘free time’ outside of the conference programme (before, during or immediately after the conference). Vouchers will therefore be valid from Saturday in the week before the conference until Sunday in the week of the conference (example: The conference takes place from Wednesday 16 August until Friday 18 August 2023 – the voucher is valid from Saturday 12 August until Sunday 20 August). When you place an order, you must therefore state in which week the voucher should be valid in connection with the conference/event. Please note that it is not possible to order vouchers for Den Gamle By as well as for ARoS. Therefore, please choose between these two options when ordering vouchers.
    You can order vouchers via our web shop
  • Free admission tickets to ARoS for visiting professors:
    Please also note that visiting professors at Aarhus University who receive assistance from the Relocation Service or who participate in Getting Started events may receive a free admission ticket so that they can visit ARoS for free during their stay. To request these tickets, please contact Talent Development and Research Mobility
    You can order vouchers via our web shop
  • Free use of the ARoS auditorium when you purchase a catering package in 2022 or 2023
    Prices range from DKK 355 per person (excluding VAT) for a half-day meeting to DKK 435 per person (excluding VAT) for a full-day meeting. Visit this website to see ARoS’ catering packages: aros-moeder-og-konferencer-priser-aug-2022.pdf. A full-day package includes breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee and cake – with focus on locally sourced produce and a climate-friendly menu. Breakfast and afternoon coffee and cake are served at the front of the auditorium, and lunch is served in the restaurant on the eighth floor. The auditorium can hold up to 178 people but can also be used by smaller groups. Please note that the museum opens at 10:00 but that conference guests are welcome from 09:00 – as the conference organiser, you can access the building thirty minutes earlier via the gate. The museum closes at 21:00 on weekdays and at 17:00 at the weekend. It is closed all day on Mondays. If you need an extra conference room, you can hire one from DKK 3,000 per room (excluding VAT).
  • Events at ARoS that do not include free use of the auditorium:
    If you wish to hold an event (a welcome reception or a guided tour as part of a conference, etc.) at ARoS, you will need to buy admission tickets to the museum. Vouchers cannot be used for this type of event. Admission tickets must be purchased as part of the agreement you make with ARoS. If you are organising an event that includes refreshments, admission tickets will be priced at DKK 85 per participant (standard price DKK 140). The Aarhus University Research Foundation (which finances vouchers and discount agreements) has also made a special agreement with ARoS to get a 10% discount on AU events (the discount does not apply to admission tickets, which are already offered at a reduced price, or to special offers/prices).
  • Creative activities for guests: If you would like to inspire and challenge your guests, ARoS offers a range of art breaks (‘kunstpauser’). Read more at aros-moeder-og-konferencer-kunstpause.pdf. Art breaks are offered at the following prices:
    Giant jigsaw puzzle: DKK 1,500 excluding VAT (max 20 people at the same time)
    Art creates words, words crate art: DKK 1,000 excluding VAT (max 20 in one group – possible to run two groups simultaneously)
    Detaljestafet: DKK 750 excluding VAT (max 12 people at the same time – possible to run two groups simultaneously)
  • Special arrangement for dinner in the restaurant (minimum 25 people): a three-course meal, two glasses of wine and coffee for DKK 550 per person (including VAT) plus an admission ticket for DKK 85 – or DKK 635 in total.

To book rooms or make other agreements regarding events, please contact the sales and events department at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum at or on 6190 4900.
If you have any questions about the information above, you are welcome to contact Events and Communication Support, AU (Lone Jørgensen).

The Concert Hall Aarhus

Concert Hall Aarhus offers Aarhus University a minimum discount of 30% on the price of hiring conference rooms. Technical assistance, AV equipment and catering services are charged separately and provided by Concert Hall Aarhus. Book rooms via the Concert Hall Aarhus website.

Concert Hall Aarhus also offers:

  • A 10-40% discount on ticket prices for performances and events by special agreement and only for a large number of guests – not available to individuals.
  • Order via the Concert Hall Aarhus website.

The Old Town

  • A 20% discount on the price of hiring the Helsingør Theater premises, if a catering order of at least DKK 10,000 is placed for the event in question at the same time.
  • A 10% discount on the list price for catering, if the price of the event exceeds DKK 10,000. (2016 prices)
  • Any other use of the premises is subject to agreement with Den Gamle By. Usually, use of the premises is included if purchasing other services (such as catering) for a certain amount.
  • UNTIL 30 NOVEMBER 2024: Vouchers for admission to Den Gamle By during opening hours in connection with conferences – only for events with external participants. These free vouchers can be used from Monday to Friday all year round except in July and December.
    Please note that it is not possible to order vouchers for Den Gamle By as well as for ARoS. Therefore, please choose between these two options when ordering vouchers.

Loan items

Events and Communication Support can provide you with a range of branded AU conference and event supplies that promote the university. Please note that these supplies must be ordered at least 14 days in advance. To order or borrow these items, please contact AU Communication at

Loan of conference items


Sixteen different roll-ups are available, either in sets or individually as required.

A roll-up is suspended on a stand. The roll-ups are individually packed together with a stand in bags so they are easy to transport.

Please note in your email which roll-ups you want to borrow. Use letters as shown in the picture above to specify which roll-up(s) you would like.

Please return the roll-ups in the correct bags when returning them. There are pictures on the bags which show the roll-up it belongs to.

Roll-up A - O has the size 85 x 200 cm

Roll-up P + Q has the size 120 X 210 cm

CONNECT roll-ups sized 85 x 200 cm

There are 6 kinds: C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 and C6.

Beach flags

14 beach flags with AU logo in various colourful shades.

The flags are designed for sticking into the ground.

Size: Approx. 4 m high. 

The flags are primarily used for the DHL Relay Race, but may be borrowed for other purposes from September to July.

The flags are washable, and the user is responsible for cleaning the flag(s) as required.

Banners with white-and-blue AU logo

11 banners with AU logo in white and blue and furnished with holes for strings, measuring 1x2 m.

11 banners with AU logo in white and blue and furnished with holes for strings. Two without white border and nine with white border.

Size: 1x5 m

The banners are primarily used for the DHL Relay Race, but may be borrowed for other purposes from September to July.

Tall sign holders

6 pcs. Holds A3 poster.

2 pcs. Holds A2 posters.


4 pcs.

for A1 paper size (60x85 cm)


21 easels. Can be used for photos or poster boards/foam boards


White mailbox in metal (39cm x 26cm x 15,5cm)

Umbrellas for smaller groups

3 umbrellas (2 with AU logo) for smaller groups to loan. Please note that in case of loss or damage the umbrellas must be compensated for.

Retractable belt stanchions

4 pcs stanchions with 3 m of black retractable belt which can be connected to each other.
The stanchions have a height of 101.5 m and weigh of 10 kg.

Contact for loan of items

Questions regarding loan of conference items can be directed to or to phonenumber: 9352 2130.

Note, request for loan items must be ordered 14 days in advance.

Pick up of the items will happen at:

Fredrik Nielsens Vej 5
Bygning 1445
8000 Aarhus C

Loan of poster boards

Aarhus University has purchased 100 new poster boards, which can be loaned to all units at Aarhus University. See below for details, terms and conditions for loans and what to do.

Dimensions and appearance of the poster boards

The poster boards are 158 cm wide and 190 cm high, and the actual panel is 150 cm wide and 120 cm high. The poster board itself is white and the frame is made of metal. See photo. 

Two posters (A1 size) can be attached to each side of the poster board, for example. The poster board is the same on both sides. It is recommended to fix posters with ‘Powerstrips’, which can easily be found and ordered on the Internet. You can also use tape, Blu-Tack or equivalent, but note that posters are more likely to fall off if these materials are used for hanging. Whatever the type of material, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that it is removed after use.

Fitting the wheels

The poster boards are delivered on trolleys (wheeled) with 10 poster boards to each trolley. A box of wheels for the poster boards is included. These wheels must be fitted where the poster boards are to be erected, after which they will be easy to move around (the boards cannot be set up without wheels). The wheels are fitted with nuts and a key. A tool is supplied. After use, the wheels should be removed and the poster boards placed on the trolley ready for return transport. Where many poster boards are ordered, it is particularly recommended to pay Møbeltransport Danmark to help with set-up and assembly – see also ‘Help with assembly’.

Download instructions for use and handling of poster boards here

Transport – collection and return

When you have received final confirmation (from of the reservation, you need to order transport of the boards yourself. You should ALWAYS use Møbeltransport Danmark, which Aarhus University has a purchase agreement with. Transport must be paid for directly by the customer. We have already agreed the practical aspects of transport with Møbeltransport Danmark, and they are the only people with access to the warehouse where the poster boards are stored.

Transport must be ordered no later than one week before the desired delivery (Aarhus and environs) or four weeks before desired delivery further away from Aarhus. Transport can be arranged on weekdays, at weekends and on holidays.

Transport should be ordered by sending an email to

See also details of Møbeltransport Danmark on the website:

Help with assembly

You can ask Møbeltransport Danmark to help with simple set-up for an extra charge. This should also be ordered in advance. Expression can help with larger installations, possibly in combination with extra poster boards, for an extra charge – see contact details below.

First come, first served

The poster boards are lent out on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. There is therefore no guarantee that we can lend poster boards. If you are unable to borrow poster boards because they are on loan, it is up to the organiser to rent poster boards from an external supplier. This also applies if you need more poster boards than are available. Poster boards (not necessarily identical in appearance) can be rented from Expression, contact Henrik Hansen, tel.: + 45 6165 3597,


It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the poster boards are treated properly while on loan, and are returned in the same condition as when they were lent. Wheels must be taken off, all tape, etc. must be removed from the poster boards, and they must be cleaned if necessary.

It is also the responsibility of the user to order transport of the poster boards and so ensure that they are returned at the specified time (so they are ready to lend to the next user).

Contact for loan of poster boards

You can book poster boards by writing an email to

In the email, please state:

  • Time of booking (date and time for requested delivery). The poster boards must be booked for entire days – and should be returned immediately after use.
  • Time of return (date and time of collection)
  • Number of poster boards. Minimum 10, maximum 100 boards. The poster boards are supplied on trolleys with 10 boards each, so they will be delivered in multiples of 10.
  • Proposed use (name of conference, event, etc.)
  • Location
  • Person ordering (name, telephone, email)
  • The poster boards can be booked 18 months in advance 

Loan of banner sites at AU

Guidelines for booking banner sites

  • The booking of banner sites takes place on a first-come, first-served basis in the Outlook calendar function. Bookings are not valid until approved by email. Once your booking has been approved, you will receive an email containing relevant practical information.
  • Banner sites can only be booked for AU activities (and a small number of AU-related activities), and all banners advertising AU activities must clearly include the Aarhus University logo. Banners advertising AU-related activities must clearly indicate the identity of the organisation responsible (see guidelines for logo use and positioning here).
  • The banner must be submitted to for graphics approval before the organiser has the banner printed. Information about banner site, time frame and contact person must be included in the email. Remember to allow plenty of time for approval. See the formats for the various banner sites below.
  • Banner sites can be booked for max. 14 days at a time, and banners must always be taken down after max. 14 days. Please note that the banner site must be booked e.g. from Monday 1 February to Sunday 14 February (i.e. the booking end date is the day before the day of the week when the booking started = 14 whole days).
  • You can see your booking in Outlook, both before and after confirmation.
  • The organiser is responsible for producing the banner, and for arranging for it to be hung and taken down (see right-hand column on this page for more information).
  • The organiser pays all the costs associated with hanging/taking down the banner.
  • The university reserves the right to change bookings if other bookings take priority.

How to book a banner site

  • Open your Outlook calendar
  • Click ‘New Appointment’
  • Enter the desired start and end times
  • You need to press ‘Invite Attendees’ and then ‘To’, and the global address book will open
  • In the search field, enter ‘Banner’
  • Choose which banner site to book
  • Click ‘Enter’ (the banner site you want is now displayed in the ‘To’ line)
  • Press Send
  • Wait for an email which says ‘Meeting request has been received and awaits acceptance’. Note that the banner site is not booked until you have received yet another mail with approval.

REMEMBER to send your banner to for graphics approval before you send it for printing

Check to see availability:

  • Open your Outlook calendar
  • Click 'Open calendar' and select the list 'From the address book'
  • Write in the search field for the global address list 'Bannerplads'. Choose the banner site you want to use from the list.
  • Click the banner site, and then click 'Calendar' and 'OK'.
  • The calendar for the banner site is now visible and can be selected in your menu on the left.

Possible AU-banner sites:


Building no.     

Description of site                                        



Building 1412 Main building facing Ringgaden next to the Main Hall H: 7 m x W: 5 m

Building 1420

Studenterhus Aarhus facing Ringgaden H: 4 m x W: 2,8 m
3 Building 1441 Facing Randersvej H: 4 m x W: 11 m
5 Building 2610 (S-building)  Building S facing Vestre Ringgade

H: 11 m x W: 4 m

6 Building 2610 (S-building) Building S facing parkinglot H: 7 m x W: 3 m
8 Building 1251 (Lakeside Lecture Theaters) Lakeside Lecture Theatres above the main entrance H: 2 m x W: 12 m
9 Building 1251 (Lakeside Lecture Theatres) Lakeside Lecture Theatres facing Vennelyst Boulevard H: 2,5 m x W: 7,5 m
10 Building 1252 (Lakeside Lecture Theatres) Lakeside Lecture Theatres facing Nørrebrogade H: 6,5 m x W: 2,75 m
11* Building 1422 (at Stakladen)     Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2-4 outside of Stakladen  H: 2 m x W: 3 m    

* Banner site 11 cannot be used for advertisement purposes

Hanging and taking down

At the moment, there are no specific requirements regarding which supplier(s) you should contact to have banners hung and taken down. If you don't know which supplier to choose, you can contact

Banner production

At the moment, there are no requirements regarding which company you should use to have banners produced. However, it is recommended that you obtain quotations from several suppliers. If you need help finding a supplier, you can contact

The following material is recommended for outdoor wall banners:
Dekotex 130 g with edging and grommets every 100 cm or Net PVC 320 g with folded edges and grommets every 100 cm. Alternatively, similar material by agreement with the supplier. The material is slightly transparent, but thanks to the perforations, it is more robust for sites which are exposed to wind. It is always a good idea to go through the order with the chosen supplier.

Sometimes, it is also a good idea to ask the banner producer to send the printed banner directly to the company which will be hanging it up/taking it down. Remember to make an agreement about this with both parties.

Contact for loan of banner sites

If you have any questions regarding banners, vendors or general inquiries, please direct them to 


Contact information is available under the individual elements. 

If the contact information isn't available, please contact for general guiding.