Loan of poster boards

Aarhus University has purchased 100 new poster boards, which can be loaned to all units at Aarhus University. See below for details, terms and conditions for loans and what to do.

Dimensions and appearance of the poster boards

The poster boards are 158 cm wide and 190 cm high, and the actual panel is 150 cm wide and 120 cm high. The poster board itself is white and the frame is made of metal. See photo. 

Two posters (A1 size) can be attached to each side of the poster board, for example. The poster board is the same on both sides. It is recommended to fix posters with ‘Powerstrips’, which can easily be found and ordered on the Internet. You can also use tape, Blu-Tack or equivalent, but note that posters are more likely to fall off if these materials are used for hanging. Whatever the type of material, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that it is removed after use.

Fitting the wheels

The poster boards are delivered on trolleys (wheeled) with 10 poster boards to each trolley. A box of wheels for the poster boards is included. These wheels must be fitted where the poster boards are to be erected, after which they will be easy to move around (the boards cannot be set up without wheels). The wheels are fitted with nuts and a key. A tool is supplied. After use, the wheels should be removed and the poster boards placed on the trolley ready for return transport. Where many poster boards are ordered, it is particularly recommended to pay Møbeltransport Danmark to help with set-up and assembly – see also ‘Help with assembly’.

Download instructions for use and handling of poster boards here

Transport – collection and return

When you have received final confirmation (from of the reservation, you need to order transport of the boards yourself. You should ALWAYS use Møbeltransport Danmark, which Aarhus University has a purchase agreement with. Transport must be paid for directly by the customer. We have already agreed the practical aspects of transport with Møbeltransport Danmark, and they are the only people with access to the warehouse where the poster boards are stored.

Transport must be ordered no later than one week before the desired delivery (Aarhus and environs) or four weeks before desired delivery further away from Aarhus. Transport can be arranged on weekdays, at weekends and on holidays.

Transport should be ordered by sending an email to

See also details of Møbeltransport Danmark on the website:

Help with assembly

You can ask Møbeltransport Danmark to help with simple set-up for an extra charge. This should also be ordered in advance. Expression can help with larger installations, possibly in combination with extra poster boards, for an extra charge – see contact details below.

First come, first served

The poster boards are lent out on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. There is therefore no guarantee that we can lend poster boards. If you are unable to borrow poster boards because they are on loan, it is up to the organiser to rent poster boards from an external supplier. This also applies if you need more poster boards than are available. Poster boards (not necessarily identical in appearance) can be rented from Expression, contact Henrik Hansen, tel.: + 45 6165 3597,,


It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the poster boards are treated properly while on loan, and are returned in the same condition as when they were lent. Wheels must be taken off, all tape, etc. must be removed from the poster boards, and they must be cleaned if necessary.

It is also the responsibility of the user to order transport of the poster boards and so ensure that they are returned at the specified time (so they are ready to lend to the next user).