Case: Signage

Gradual implementation of new signage design


The signs have been designed by Nikolai Lander, AU Communication, based on the well-known AU design, and include everything from large pylon signs to newly produced pictograms around the campus. AU's design must present AU as a modern and dynamic university, and the signage design therefore employs a modern and minimalist look with the signs appearing collectively as clear AU markers in the campus landscape.


The signs are categorised according to zones, depending on when users encounter the signage as they move around the campus.

Oversigt og niveau inddeling


  • pylons (area marker)
  • overview map (general overview)
  • usually appears where large AU areas must be marked, and/or where users must be able to form a general overview in building complexes.

Niveau 0 - oversigtskort 


  • overview map (nearby areas)
  • directional signs
  • usually found at/beside municipal roads or on campus/in the park, as user are approaching their destination and need specific directions.

Niveau 1 - retningsanvisning

Niveau 1 - retningsanvisning, lokal


  • building signs featuring name, number or 'popular' designation
  • address also included
  • usually found outside a building façade or entrance

Niveau 2 - stort bygningsskilt

Niveau 2 - medium bygningsskilt


  • floor plan
  • directions to the most frequently used areas
  • always found when users enter a building, and must quickly provide an overview of the building, room structure and the most commonly used areas (reading rooms, lecture theatres, cafeterias, toilets etc.)

Niveau 3 - etageoversigt

Niveau 3 - lokalehenvisning


  • room numbers
  • name signs
  • holders for manual inserts
  • service signs (toilet, cleaning etc.)
  • always installed at pre-defined height/distance, and inserts are always printed according to pre-defined templates

Niveau 4 - navneskilt multi

Niveau 4 - navneskilt singleflex


Pictograms are continually being produced to meet the various service needs at AU – so far the pictograms below have been produced.

Piktogrammer 1

Piktogrammer 2


Examples of the many different types of signs found at AU


Eksempler på de mange forskellige skiltetyper på AU

- The above pictures show the many different types of signs and signage designs currently in use at Aarhus University. The new signage design aims to ensure that, in future, the signage at AU will be more consistent, in terms of e.g. design, content and readability.