Flipbook PDF

Getting started

1. Get access to the system

Aarhus University has a licence to the system e-pages. To obtain access, you must send an email to your front office:

2. Log in to the system

When you have been registered as a user, you can log on to http://admin.e-pages.dk using your username and password.

3. Guide: Create your flipbook PDF

4. Select the right folder

When creating a new flipbook PDF, you must choose the folder in which the flipbook PDF should be placed. It is a very good idea to place your flipbook PDFs is in the unit's catalogues, so that you and other people can find them again later. And to avoid any chaos :-)


  • Contact your front office via the email addresses to the left, or send an email to typo3@au.dk

  • send en mail til typo3@au.dk


Flipbook PDFs and flash

Flipbook PDFs are created in Flash, and users must have Adobe Flash installed.

However, a built-in function will open flipbook PDFs as ordinary PDFs if an attempt is made to open them on a device without Flash, e.g. a mobile phone or tablet. It will therefore be possible to read the PDFs (with our without flipbook functionality) on virtually all platforms.