GDPR consent project

Consent Project Running For Three Months

1st October - 31st December 2018 Aarhus University is running a project to update all subscribers' consent on newsletters sent through the Campaign Monitor platform. 
All subscribers are to give consent to receiving newsletters and opt in or out of tracking of their use of the newsletters for quality purposes. 

The consent is part of the requirements in the Data Handler Agreement / GDPR Law.

Additional data hygiene will also be performed in this period. 

What does that mean to you as a subscriber?

For each newsletter you have subscribed to at Aarhus University, you will receive a consent email. These are designed in a manner so you easily can give your consent with a click of a button. 

When am I to receive the consent email

The project runs for three months and as the processes include some manual data handling, it is hard to very precisely pin point when you as a subscriber are to receive the consent email. 

The process is designed in which all subscribers who have not given their consent to receiving newsletters will have their data deleted in accordance with the applied rules at the project's end. 

It is, however, always possible to re-subscribe on any given newsletter's homepage. 
Subscription through webforms on homepages will in the future include a consent button and allow subscribers to give consent.