Project RejsUd


Information about the project

On August 21, 2018 Aarhus University changed travel and expense claim to “RejsUd”.

New functions included “RejsUd”: self-calculating distances via google maps and a mobile and tablet friendly surface.

Transition from AURUS to RejsUd

  • On August 21, 2018, RejsUd will replace AURUS
  • All employees are required to handle unfinished claims and credit card transactions before the summer vacation, and at no later date than August 1.
  • As of August 1, handling credit card transactions in AURUS ceases therefore the July transactions must be settled in AURUS as soon as possible.
  • The employees handle travel expenses during the period August 1-21, 2018, in RejsUd, when it opens on August 21.
  • Current AURUS users will receive a new username and password in the week up to August 21, 2018. Intro meetings and webinar will take place from mid-August.

Communication plan

Included on news and subsequently divided into relevant (faculty) platforms and internal newsletters.End of May
Included in the newsletter for the administrationEnd of May
Infobox on the AURUS main pageJune
Popup-notification upon AURUS loginJune
Reminder-mail to all employees regarding transactions settlements before the summer vacationJune
Mail with a new username and password to current AURUS-usersWeek 33
Mail to all employees regarding AURUS shut-downWeek 34

Project organisation

  • The project consists of a Steering Committee, project owner, project manager, project group and reference group.

  • Steering Committee

    • Steering Committee

      The Steering Committee is responsible for implementing the project. There are monthly meetings with minutes written. The steering committee has appointed a project owner who has the day-to-day managerial responsibility for the project.

      Members of the Steering Committee:

      AU Finance and Estates Projects & Development:
      Niels Jørgen Rasmussen, Deputy Director 
      Anette Svejstrup, Head of Secretariat
      Arne N. Skov, Head of Accounting Office

      HE Finance:
      Inger Rønde Jeppesen, Finance Manager

      ST Finance:
      Karin Sutherland, Finance Manager (Acting)

      Arts & Aarhus BSS Finance:
      Mathias Madsen, Finance Manager (Acting)

      Kristine Stougaard Thomsen, IT Development Manager

      Chair of the Steering Committee: Niels Jørgen Rasmussen, Deputy Director

      Project owner: Anette Svejstrup, Head of Sekretariat

  • Project management

    • Project management

      The project manager reports to the project owner and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the project. The project manager participates in Steering Committee meetings as a secretariat.

      Projektleder: Merete Foged, Systems Consultant/project manager

  • Project group

    • Project group

      The project group reports to the project manager. 1-hour meetings with 14-day intervals. The project group can form working groups/reference groups to work on communication, guidance material, test scripts, test, etc.

      Project meetings – written minutes. Working/reference groups - written work notes.

      Members of the project group:

      Financial Control:
      Mads Lundøer Madsen, Systems Consultant
      Dorte Kondrup, Systems Consultant

      Central administration:
      Vibeke Pedersen, Administrator
      NN, secretary

      Accounts, Travel Expense Accounts:
      Lise Mortensen, Team Leader
      Mette Brynolf Cáceres

      Accounts, Service Team:
      Bente Wissing Brøndum, Team Leader
      Bente D. Rasmussen

      Accounts, Accounts Payable:
      Michael Krattet

      Arts-Aarhus BSS Finance:
      Paul Dyrberg
      Stine Vindfeldt Tobiesen

      Arts-Aarhus BSS Secretaries:
      Kate Andersen
      Malene Poulsen (reference group)

      HE Finance:
      Elsy Barutwanyo
      Christina Bekhøi

      HE Secretaries:
      Enette Berndt Knudsen
      Linda Edge (reference group)

      ST Finance:
      Susanna Holm Nielsen
      Britta Breinbjerg

      ST Secretaries:
      Birgitte Dahl
      Marianne Sommer (reference group)

If you have any questions.. can mail them to the project manager