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  • Purchase invoices and disbursements

The invoicing procedure

The invoicing procedure at AU is fully electronic - from receiving an invoice, approval and then payment. This practice also means that paper invoices from Danish suppliers is not accepted by AU. Paper invoices from foreign suppliers should immediately be sent to

IndFak2 is the system used by AU to receive electronic invoices.

Requisitioner workshops in how to use IndFak2 are held on an ongoing basis. For information about the next workshop check the course calendar under “Useful links and documents” below.

Accounting numbers

Case ('Sag') and case task ('Sagsopgave') numbers must be added to the invoice by you in the approval process.

Outgoing payments

Repost an invoice

To repost an invoice you must send an email to with the following information:

Bank acknowledgment


If you need proof of payment, you must send an e-mail to: 

With the following information:

  • entry date
  • amount
  • voucher number


If you need proof of payment, you must send an e-mail to: with the RejsUd voucher number from Navision.

Credit card transactions

There are no acknowledgment for credit card transactions. In an audit reference is made to Aarhus University's annual report with the audit's endorsements.

Ordering bank acknowledgments within 25 months

Preferably, you should order bank acknowledgments within 25 months from the date of payment. Accounting will send the acknowledgment to the e-mail address of the sender.

Ordering bank acknowledgments older than 25 months

If the payment date on the acknowledgment is older than 25 months the processing time is longer and Danske Bank takes a fee of DKK 800 per hour or part thereof for the service.

(AU Accounts is subject to price changes from Danske Bank)

Closed bank account

If you need acknowledgments from a closed bank account, Danske Bank takes a fee of DKK 800 per hour or part thereof.

(AU Accounts is subject to price changes from Danske Bank)

Invoice voucher copy

If you need a copy of an invoice voucher related to your project or a budget reconciliation send an e-mail to: and we will send you the copy as soon as possible.


  • Send account statements and reminders for payment received decentralized to as soon as possible.
  • Please inform suppliers to send statements of account and reminders for payment directly to 
  • An "inccorect invoice" from a supplier

    • If you receive an incorrect invoice, you must ask the supplier for a credit note and then return the invoice to the invoice manager with an explanation in the comments.

  • Is the invoice not yours?

    • Invoices in IndFak2 that are not yours must be returned to the invoice manager with an explanation in the comments.

  • The amount on the invoice is DKK 0,-

    • If the amount on an electronic invoice is DKK 0,-, it will not be entered into the approval flow, instead Accounts Payable will reject it. The exception is 0-invoices to the AU-ITDM.

  • Foreign invoices

    • Send the hard copy of the foreign invoice to as soon as possible.

      To ensure at faster process in Accounts Payable please include your faculty and organization in the subject line of the e-mail – example: BSS-ECON.

      Accounts Payable then enters the invoice manual into IndFak2 so the invoice can enter the electronic approval flow.

  • Credit notes

    • If you are expecting a credit note to your invoice, you have the following options:

      You can return the invoice to the invoice manager with an explanation in the comments. If the invoice and credit note balance each other, Accounts Payable rejects both of them. If not they enter the approval flow.


      You can keep the invoice in your IndFak2 dashboard until you receive the credit note. We recommend that you connect the label of 'pending credit note" to the invoice.

  • What is a “bufferrekvirent” (buffer requisitioner)

    • Many institutes have a "buffer requisitioner" who receives the invoices to the institute that Accounts Payable, even after contacting the supplier, cannot place.

  • When will an invoice be paid?

    • An Invoice is paid on the last date for payment. It takes approximately 1½ week from the requisitioner approves the invoice until the payment takes place.

  • Why is the payment deadline exceeded?

    • If you receive a “red” invoice, it could mean that the invoice was received after the last date of payment. Date of receipt of the invoice can be seen in the invoice history.

  • Send your information to Accounts Payable through IndFak2

    • If you need to notify Accounts Payable regarding the specific invoice, you can change the VAT code to 77 in IndFak, with an explanation in the comments.
      Changing the VAT code to 77 also applies when an invoice is to be divided between several projects. Remember to specify the distribution in the comments.

  • Maintaining EU folders

    • Accounts Payable maintains special documentation, required by some grant givers, for EU projects and other projects, for example Danida and Interreg-projects.

      If you questions regarding documentation on an EU project contact  

  • Questions or comments regarding a payment, purchase invoice, supplier ect.?

  • Questions or comments related to maintaining documentation for the EU?

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