• Sales invoices and payments - Receivables

Create a sales invoice

To create a new debtor or seller code please complete the form debitoroprettelse (not translated).

If you are going to charge a client, you or your business controller/project finance administrator must fill in the Invoice form (not translated).
The form only has to be filled out, if you or your business controller/project finance administrator wants the Accounts Receivable department at AU Finance to type in the invoice.

When sending your email to the Accounts Receivable department, we ask you to type the word FAKTAST + project number as part of the subject.
If your business controller/project finance administrator types in the invoice himself/herself and just wants the invoice booked, the Navision control report and all vouchers have to be emailed to the Accounts Receivable department. As part of the subject, please type FAKBOGFØR + SF-number.

Here, you can find an overview of the process as a whole, and print a practical check list for your white board of the specific words, you are required to write as subject in your emails concerning sales invoices.

Reminders - outstanding payments

If a payment is overdue, we will remind your customer about the outstanding payment.

For questions about reminders send an e-mail to debitorrykker@au.dk or find contact information for a specific employee to the right.

...you will receive a reply within 48 hours.



Due to the current COVID-19 situation, payments cannot be made by showing up at the university. Instead, we refer you to your bank for payment.

Bank details (Not translated)

If you need a bank receipt for your deposit send an e-mail to: bankkvittering@au.dk

Expected payments or reimbursements

…which hasn’t been invoiced, please send an e-mail about the expected amount to:

Remember to list the name of the reimitter, amount, posting informations (type, project and activity*) and a text for the deposit in the subject line.

* Contact your business controller / project finance administrator for the posting informations.

  • Receiving and forwarding project funds

  • The sale of used AU equipment

  • Events permitted in the webshop

    • You can find information about permitted events on the webshop page (Not translated)

  • Invoice not received

    • You can call the main number at Aarhus University tel. 87 15 0000 or write an email to debitorhotline@au.dk

  • Complaints (disagreements such as price, text, etc. on the invoice)

    • Call or send an e-mail to the contact indicated on the invoice.

  • An invoice regarding a continuing education:

    • Kontaktpersoner EVU:

      Karoline Engsig-Karup
      E-mail: kek@au.dk - tel. 87 15 30 70
      Science & Technology
      Lotte Thiessen
      E-mail: lt@au.dk - tel.: 87 15 28 21

      Susanne Bilde
      E-mail: susanne.bilde@au.dk - tel. 87 15 28 06

      Tina Kjemsø
      E-mail: tk@au.dk - tel. 87 15 26 54

      Aarhus BSS
      Funktionspostkassen: evu.bss@au.dk
      Karin Møller Nielsen: kmn@au.dk - tel. 87 15 23 74
      Bjørg Brink Dalgaard: bd@au.dk - tel. 87 16 51 85
      Summer University for alle hovedområderne:
      Annika Haarbye Jensen: annikahj@au.dk - tel. 87 15 37 16
      Tina Fredsø Mortensen: tfm@au.dk - tel. 87 15 36 17

  • Information on the sales invoice

    • Is the customer entitled to a PO number?

    • Contact at the customer

    • A clear and simple text on the invoice

    • Customer EAN number, if electronic invoicing is a possibility

  • Redemption of checks

    • In order to cash a check it must be issued to AU.

  • VAT (Not translated)

Mail to Accounts receivable

Address internal Mail to Accounts Receivable: "Regnskab-Debitorgruppen”