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About travel insurance

Aarhus University is subject to the Danish State’s self-insurance scheme. This means that AU may not take out insurance, but the scheme is comparable to AU having taken out insurance itself. In case of claims, AU is therefore liable for the financial risk.

The reason for using this scheme is that, in many cases, it will be cheaper than if AU took out insurance through a commercial insurance company. However, journeys by car abroad are not part of the scheme.

Europæiske administers the scheme on behalf of the Danish State. Furthermore, Europæiske decides whether there is any liability for damages and if so, what the size of such damages should be. Europæiske pays doctor’s bills, damages etc., and AU must subsequently refund the amounts concerned to Europæiske. Beginning in 2020, all expenses in relation to damages paid to an employee are placed on the unit, whose employee has been subject to the damages. Prior to this, the AU accounting department gathers information as to where the expense should be placed.

At the end of each year, Accounting sends a statement to the unit summing up the unit’s damage payments over the past year.

Rules for travel insurance

Who is covered by travel insurance?

  • All employees at Aarhus University
  • Persons affiliated with but not employed by Aarhus University (AU) whose journey is fully or partially paid by AU can apply for travel insurance. The application for travel insurance is sent to the relevant department/unit and e-mail confirmation is considered valid proof of travel insurance coverage.

Be aware that accompanying family members are not covered by AU’s Europæiske travel insurance and therefore cannot be supplied with an insurance card cf. Cirkulære om tjenesterejseforsikringen CIR nr. Modst. nr. 051-15 - J.nr. 2014-1756-0006 af 18. december 2015. This is regardless of whether the trip is financed by ordinary or external funding.

However, Danish universities are able to defray any reasonable and documented expenses related to a researcher’s stationing (business travel of more than 28 days), including insurance for accompanying family members. Consequently, it has been decided at AU that the department may choose to refund the expense (the premium) for a private travel insurance for accompanying family members. This must be arranged prior to the stationing. The insurance must be taken out by the family and documentation for the expense is provided for the department.

Learn more about coverage of expenses for accompanying family members.

Illness, chronic or existing conditions before departure

As a starting point, the travel insurance only covers in connection with acute illness and injury. In the event that you are ill or have become injured before a trip – or should you have any other reason to believe that you will need a medical doctor or other treatment provider abroad – you should apply for prior medical approval.


Complete the prior medical approval form, and it will be assessed whether and how you are covered, so you do not risk having to pay for expenses related to the illness/condition yourself. Apply for prior medical approval as early as possible – and no later than two weeks before departure.  Prior medical approval (europaeiske.dk)

Insurance policy

If you are asked prior to a trip to document that you are insured, you should just contact Europæiske. Here you will be issued a so-called statement.

Private holiday travel

You can obtain a discount from Europæiske if you are going on private holiday travel or supplementary holiday. Such insurance policies must be paid at your own expense.

Link to:

FAQ about Insurance

HR's website about Insurance in connection with travelling abroad

Report a claim, lost luggage, delay, ect.

As the injured party, you must fill out the Europæiske online claim form; please find the link on the right of the screen. Furthermore, along with the form you must send a statement signed by your Head of Department, Deputy Director or Administrative Centre Manager that confirms:

  • that you were in fact an employee and travelling on official business when the event occurred
  • the dates for your travel
  • your name and
  • your date of birth.

Only the persons mentioned are authorised to sign this statement. 

Please note! It is also important that a copy of the statement is sent to rejser@au.dk, as this will provide the Accounting Department with information about which cases have been approved for processing at Europæiske.

You will find a link to the Europæiske website and login information under "Contact Europæiske".

Insurance card

It is not a requirement to own or bring a physical card to be covered by AU’s travel insurance policy for Danish government employees at Europæiske. If you need to use the insurance during a trip abroad and you do not have the physical card, all the necessary information and contact information can be found at Travel insurance for Danish government employees (europaeiske.dk)


If the traveller still wishes to bring a travel insurance card, it can be printed directly from Europæiske’s website. When initiating an insurance claim, confirmation from the head of department/school, deputy director, etc. must be included, and it is therefore not possible for unauthorised persons to create unjustified claims by using the print-it-yourself solution.

Please note that the individual AU employee is responsible for ensuring that the employee is covered by a valid travel insurance at AU before engaging in business travel.

In the Circular on travel insurance for Danish government employees CIR no. Modst. no. 051-15 - Reference no. 2014-1756-0006 of 18 December 2015, the procedure has been updated regarding section 5 and section 6, and there is no longer a requirement for registration of card numbers, etc. 

Frequently asked questions concerning insurance cards

  • Is it possible for unauthorised persons to submit insurance claims in AU’s name and obtain unjustified compensation if a card is not required?

No. Europæiske requires that every submitted insurance claim includes confirmation from the head of department/school, deputy director, etc., before the claim is registered. Without confirmation, the claim will be rejected.

  • Is a card required in order to get help in certain situations or parts of the world?

No. Europæiske has informed us that a card is not required, and that all relevant contact information can be found at europæiske.dk. If you are in a part of the world without easy access to the internet, it is sufficient to bring a printed screenshot from the website, i.e. the contact information from Europæiske.

  • What is the benefit of having a physical paper version of the card?

Unlike a printed screenshot of the contact information, the physical card has a format that fits in your credit card holder. No other benefits.

  • I have already received a plastic card. Do I have to return it?

You can, but you are not required to. If you leave your job, the card must be destroyed.

Official cars abroad

For driving abroad in official cars, third-party liability insurance must be taken out for the car.

The insurance must be taken out no later than 5 weekdays before the scheduled departure date. The insurance is taken out by contacting Tryg Forsikring (Tryg Insurance) on email: kundecenter.erhverv@tryg.dk.  
At the email subject field you have to write: Insurance of official cars abroad

If you need phone contact with Tryg Forsikring (Tryg Insurance), you can call +45 44 20 22 20

Remember to state following to Tryg Forsikring (Tryg Insurance):

  • The insurance regards an official car abroad
  • EAN
  • The vehicle registration number
  • Insurance period
  • Destination

Contact Europæiske

Access to the website - customer number must be used to access claims:

  • Customer number: 31119103

Alarm center (open 24 hours)

  • +45 70 10 90 30

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