Bridge or ferry crossing

Aarhus University has entered into a framework agreement with A/S Great Belt, so you can acquire a BroBizz to cross the Great Belt Bridge quickly and flexibly.

The BroBizz can also be used for the ferry line Molslinjen.
Please note that if you use the BroBizz to buy a ferry ticket you will pay for a Business Blue Class ticket. You can save up to DKK 400-500 per crossing if you buy the ticket online, which we recommend.

BroBizz - Terms and conditions

Each department at AU with an EAN number and their own can set up a subsidiary account under the main agreement. It is possible to receive several BroBizz for each sub-account, but there may only be one contact person responsible for each sub-account. It is not possible for two employees in the same department/institute to be registered with two different sub-accounts.

Before placing the order the department/institute must choose one employee to be the contact person, that will be responsibles for all BroBizz at the department/institute. The contact person must check the monthly invoice, which will be sent to the EAN number, and confirm  that the usage has been in relation to departmental purposes.

Order procedure for acquisition of a BroBizz

  • Call +45 33 93 52 00 and ask for the marketing department or send an email to
  • Explain that you need to set up a subsidiary account to the MOR-account, which is called Aarhus University with a framework agreement account no. : 10008755
  • Then you must provide the following information:
    1. Faculty (departments within the central administration offers the central administration as faculty)
    2. Department/institute/center
    3. Address
    4. VAT no. (31119103 is the number for the entire Aarhus University)
    5. EAN no.
    6. Number of BroBizz'
    7. Contact person
  • Within 1-2 workdays you will receive your new subsidiary account. Within 4-5 workdays you will receive the BroBizz and your new customer number will be on the delivery note. If you need more BroBizz on the same account and EAN number you must refer to your customer number when ordering.

New BroBizz'

New BroBizz must be registered at Mols-Linien in order to get the discount that the ferry line offers. For registration send the BroBizz number in an email to the department of Procurement.

Example of acquisition of a BroBizz

Two BroBizz' to the department/institute. A selected person contacts the Great Belt A/S and creates a subsidery account after the above mention procedure. Then places an order for two BroBizz'. One of them is placed in the official car while the other handed to an employee. It is now the selected person's responsibility to check the monthly invoice that comes to the EAN number. The invoice should be checked against the logbook of car and expense accounts/driving bills from the person, who has been handed a BroBizz.