Travelling by train in Denmark

Domestic journeys by train

When you travel by train in Denmark, AU recommends that you book your trip through one of our two Danish travel partners: or DSB
Note: If you need to book tickets for buses and/or ferries as well, can also help you with this.

1st class tickets 
When selecting travel class (1st class or 2nd class), according to Aarhus University's travel policy, you should choose the option that is most appropriate and economical for Aarhus University in the specific situation. can help you buy tickets for trains, buses and ferries in Denmark and abroad. has no restrictions on the number of tickets purchased under the same order. 

Contact in writing (using a special online AU form) or by telephone to book a trip (insert telephone number – from 

It is recommended that you use the form so you have the correspondence in writing.  

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How to book train tickets on the website


When travelling by train in Denmark, you have several options for buying tickets from DSB (the Danish national rail company): on, through the DSB App and with a Rejsekort (travel card).

Note: No matter how you buy your ticket, it is not possible to buy tickets for more than seven passengers at a time. 

Tickets through the DSB App

Download the DSB App from your usual app store. It is easy to pay with AU credit cards in the DSB App. 

•   Watch this video to see how the app works
•   How to buy seat reservation tickets using the DSB App

Documentation of purchases in the DSB App
Screen dumps of the front and the back of the tickets serve as documentation of the purchase of one-way tickets and seat reservation tickets. This documentation must be attached to the travel expense report in RejsUd.

Rejsekort (travel card)
Use a Rejsekort (travel card) if you have access to one in your unit. Read more about Rejsekort here.

DSB’s business portal - buy tickets via an invoice
If you want to buy tickets via an invoice, and obtain a 20 per cent discount on journeys across the Great Belt, please contact Rejsegruppen by email:

DSB Grupperejser  (travelling in groups)
If you are travelling in groups of more than five, contact DSB Grupperejser for more information. Send a booking request using this form, or call DSB Grupperejser on tel. +45 33 53 10 65, Monday to Friday from 10:00-14:00.