Impact map as a strategic tool

How to use impact map Henrik Philipp Kroer from AU HR, Udvikling & Arbejdsmiljø

The Impact Map can help you break down Aarhus University’s overall strategic objectives into objectives for your unit and your employees.


This video contains a specific, step-by-step presentation of the tool.

The tool was developed by Professor Robert Brinkerhoff and is relevant as part of the preparation in connection with the strategic SDD dialogues in your unit.

It is a relatively simple and operational model for defining the framework and the direction for the department/unit. The tool can be used to help bridge the gap between the unit’s strategic objectives and the competencies required to reach them.

In other words, the impact map makes it possible for us to focus on the development of the competencies that are most critical in relation to the unit (and the employees) in order to reach the strategic goals.