Here you can find answers to work-related questions in connection with coronavirus. If you have any further questions, please contact your immediate supervisor. For more information please click here (in Danish).

General Information

Can Covid-19 test be during working hours?

Only if you have to be tested in connection with attendance on campus, the test will generally be during your normal working hours, and the time spent should be registered as such. 

If you have to be tested for reasons other than attendance on campus, the test will be in your spare time.

Read more about Covid-19 test here.

Will the vaccination against Covid-19 be during working hours

As a rule, vaccination against Covid-19 should take place outside working hours, see the rules for medical appointments.  

What should I do if I get sick?

As usual, you should notify your manager of illness and absence in accordance with your unit’s guidelines. You are not obliged to provide information about the nature of your illness, but in this special situation, you are encouraged to inform your manager if your illness is likely to be a result of coronavirus/COVID-19. 

Absence due to illness will be registered as usual.

Read the guidelines for employees and managers: How to handle COVID-19 symptoms and infection at AU

What should I do if I belong to a high-risk group (e.g. chronic illness or pregnant)?

You should pay special attention to the general advice from the health authorities on reducing the risk of infection, including strict hygiene and distancing. You do not have to work from home. This is because the authorities don’t assess the risk of infection in the workplace as higher than in society in general.

In special cases, you and your manager may agree relocation to other assignments or working from home on the basis of a doctor's certificate.  

Special conditions that apply to international employees, PhD students and guests

Information to international employees, PhD students and guests is available here .


Can I change my holiday plans if I don’t want to take my holiday due to the coronavirus?

In principle, agreed/scheduled holiday must be taken as planned.

The normal holiday rules still apply. You can find additional information about the general rules here.

Trips and stays abroad

Please find more information here.