Disbursement of frozen holiday pay


A majority of the Danish Parliament has decided that it will be possible to have all five weeks’ frozen holiday pay disbursed. The disbursement will take place in two stages. It has been possible to have three weeks’ frozen holiday pay disbursed in autumn 2020 until 1 December 2020. It will be possible to have the rest of the frozen holiday pay disbursed from March 2021. If you did not have your frozen holiday pay paid out in autumn 2020, you can have all of your frozen holiday pay disbursed in the period March - May 2021.

You can have your frozen holiday pay paid out if you have been employed and your holiday pay has been frozen for the period 1 September 2019 - 31 August 2020. You must request to have your frozen holiday pay paid out at www.lifeindenmark.dk. The amount will be disbursed within 10 days of you submitting your request.

If you were employed as a researcher under the normal holiday scheme with researcher taxation, it may be a good idea - as part of your request for disbursement of holiday pay - to contact the Lønmodtagernes Feriemidler fund on tel.: +45 7012 8085 (Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00) in order to ensure that the frozen holiday pay will not be fully taxed when the amount is disbursed. 

If you have been covered by the previous concurrent holiday scheme for researchers etc., you will not have frozen holiday pay, as your holiday has been available as concurrent holiday. Therefore, you do not have any holiday pay due. If you have requested and received frozen holiday pay anyway, this is due to an error at borger.dk, because it has not been possible for them to see that you were covered by the concurrent holiday scheme. In the beginning of 2021, you will therefore be asked to pay the money back when Aarhus University has reported the frozen holiday amounts.

In general, you must be aware that the autumn 2020 disbursement is based on a fictitious calculation of 12.5% of the salary qualifying for holiday pay for the period from 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020. Therefore, any paid holiday taken during this period will not have been deducted. In general, the disbursed amount will therefore be too high, and the excess amount will be deducted when the last two weeks are disbursed. 

You can read more about the frozen holiday pay at lifeindenmark.