English course for international employees


Spoken English for the AU workplace.

Target group
All international AU employees who would like to improve their English for the AU workplace.

Course aim
To improve your ability to function as a member of AU staff. The course will focus primarily on administrative and practical topics with a particular emphasis on AU-relevant vocabulary. These topics may include:

  • Introducing and talking about oneself
  • Arranging practical issues with other members of AU staff (ordering access cards, booking meeting rooms, discussing teaching timetables, reporting problems, etc.)
  • Collaborating with VIP team members (allocating tasks, agreeing timescales, etc.)
  • Contributing to an English meeting
  • Making small talk
  • Talking on the telephone 
  • Writing emails

Depending on the participants’ needs, the course may also include the following academic-related topics:

  • Introducing research topics
  • Networking at a conference 
  • Giving a presentation / lecture

Before the course, you will be asked to complete a needs analysis form, where you can describe your English challenges and your wishes for the course. This will enable the course instructor to tailor-make the course to the participants’ requirements. You may also be asked to complete an English multiple-choice test, which will help to ensure a homogeneous English level in the group.

Group Size
4–8 participants per group.

4 sessions of 3 hours.

The course will be taught by Sarah Jennings. Sarah has a PhD from Warwick University (England) and, since 2011, has been helping AU staff and students with their English communication. She has knowledge of the academic publishing world and works as an academic copyeditor for Language Services in the Faculty of Arts.