For mentees

You can become a mentee if you are employed as a member of academic staff at assistant professor level (assistant professor/researcher/post-doc). 

By registering as a mentee you get the opportunity to work on your career in a goal-orientated manner that provides a good starting point for being able to make decisions about your career opportunities and wishes.

Your benefits from a mentor relationship could be:

  • Ÿ  Feedback on your CV
  • Ÿ  Help to develop and optimise your academic profile
  • Ÿ  Help in clarification of competences
  • Ÿ  Guidance in strategic prioritisation of working hours and tasks - and work/life balance
  • Ÿ  Good advice and ideas on being visible and navigating in the research environment
  • Ÿ  Help to strengthen and establish networks locally, nationally and internationally
  • Ÿ  Advice and guidance in relation to the process of becoming senior researcher assessed /associate professor qualified 

Make time for meetings and preparation

It is important that you are willing to take responsibility for the content of the meetings and spend time preparing for the meetings with your mentor. For this reason, you will be responsible for the meeting invitation and agenda.

Meetings may take place during working hours, but otherwise no fee, time compensation or other form of compensation will be made. 

Find your own mentor - or let us find a match

You can choose to ask a more experienced colleague (associate professor level or above), whether he or she wishes to be your mentor, so that you register together - or, alternatively, you can register yourself and have a mentor assigned who matches your wishes and needs.

Go to registration

Upon registration it is important that you indicate which particular topics/themes you want to discuss with a mentor. 

It may be a good idea to be matched with a person that is not part of your immediate circle of colleagues. In this way, it is easier to have an informal discussion where any subject may be brought up.