For mentors

You can become a mentor if you are member of academic staff at Aarhus University at the level of associate professor or above.

As a mentor you can help young researchers on their way.

On a personal level, the benefits could include:

  • The gratification and satisfaction that follows from helping a mentee’s professional and personal development
  • New perspectives and up-to-date knowledge of professional developments and trends
  • Develop communication skills
  • Expand your network
  • Make a contribution towards influencing the generational change at Aarhus University
  • Be able to influence and strengthen the research and educational environment

You can make an important difference

You can make an important difference for a young colleague at AU by spending approxemately 1,5 hours 4-5 times a year. Of course it requires interest and engagement to be a mentor - it is important to be committed.

Meetings may take place during working hours, no fee, time compensation or other form of compensation will be made. 

As a mentor your primary task is to enquire about  and listen to the needs of your mentee - and share your own experiences. Your mentee determines the focus of your meetings.

Register yourself - or sign up for the programme with a mentee

Your can become a mentor in different ways. For example you may:

  • Sign up on your own initiative
  • Be invited to participate by a superior
  • Be invited by a young researcher who wishes to have you as a mentor.

In all cases - go to registration here

When registering as a mentor, please describe the themes within which you wish to offer mentoring. E.g. CV feedback, advice on career planning, help establishing networks, sparring on the process of becoming an associate professor, senior researcher or the senior advisor assessment etc.