Can you sign up as a mentee if you are employed at the level of associate professor?

No, to sign up as a mentee in the Empower Talent! scheme, you must be employed at assistant professorship level (assistant professor/postdoc/researcher). 

Can students sign up for the Empower Talent! scheme?

No, Empower Talent! is targeted at employees at AU at assistant professorship level.

Do you receive remuneration if you register as a mentor?

No, Empower Talent! is voluntary. Participation is voluntary and based on the mutual interest of the mentor and mentee.

Can mentoring activities take place during working hours?

Yes, both the mentor and the mentee may engage in mentoring activities during their working hours.

What themes can you discuss as part of the mentoring process?

The content of mentorship sessions depends on the themes the mentee needs to discuss with his or her mentor. Examples include feedback on your CV, help to develop and optimise your academic profile, help to clarify competences, guidance on the strategic prioritisation of working hours and tasks and work/life balance, advice and ideas on how to establish a reputation and succeed in the research community, help to strengthen and establish networks locally, nationally and internationally, and advice and mentoring in relation to the process of senior researcher assessments and associate professor qualification.