SDD course for management groups

This course is for managers who will be conducting Staff Development Dialogues (SDDs) at Aarhus University. 


  • The use of SDD as a strategic management tool
  • The SDD concept at Aarhus University
  • Your role in the development dialogue
  • Feedback as a development tool
  • The SDD IT system – demonstration of AUHRA

Learning outcome

After the course, you will know more about:

  • How to use AU’s SDD concept to conduct strategic and constructive staff development dialogues
  • What you as a manager must be aware of in order to obtain beneficial dialogues
  • How to give (and receive) constructive development feedback successfully
  • The tools you can use as a manager during the dialogue to make the SDDs as valuable as possible
  • Employees tool to develop personal skills

3 hours
Instructor: Consultants from HR



At the moment, no time has been set for future courses. For more information, please feel free to contact us.  

Download SDD guide

Open pdf: SDDs at Aarhus University

The SDD guide, the annual schedule, checklist for managers, guidelines, dialogue guides and agreement forms are available here.