Supplement types

Supplement types

Supplement for qualifications

The supplement relates to the qualifications of the individual employee, e.g. education, experiences, results, collaborative skills, innovativeness, readiness to change and commitment.
Supplements for qualifications are usually negotiated as part of the employment process and during the annual pay negotiations.

Supplement for responsibilities

The supplement for responsibilities may, for example, be a supplement for special functions performed in a specific period. The supplement is generally granted for a temporary period (for the duration of the function). Supplements for responsibilities are usually negotiated in connection with the manager's decision to make an employee responsible for a special function. 

One-off bonus

One-off bonuses are granted for special and important contributions in a specific period.
One-off bonuses are usually negotiated as part of the annual pay negotiations.

Temporary appointment to another position

Supplements granted in connection with temporary appointment to another position are not negotiated during the annual pay negotiations, but in connection with the appointment. Employees in a temporary appointment may apply for additional pay increases during the annual negotiations.