Refreshments for internal meetings

At council and committee meetings at the university and in the main academic areas, departments, centres and administrative divisions, at interdisciplinary management meetings and at presentation, dialogue or working meetings with units from other main academic areas/administrative divisions, bread rolls/bread or fruit/chocolate/cake and coffee/tea may be served. In exceptional cases, where the timing of the meeting requires lunch during the meeting or before/after the meeting, sandwiches may be served for lunch. The same applies if external guests are participating in meetings.

 Expenses for food and special beverages (other than water, coffe/tea) are not allowed for normal internal meetings, such as section meetings, unit meetings, team meetings, working group meetings, project group meetings etc. 

The purpose of the meeting and the full names of all participants must always be stated for approval of expenses for refreshments for internal meetings. 

Generally, when providing refreshments for internal meetings, it must always be ensured that the expenses incurred are commensurate with the purpose of the meeting. In case of doubt, it is for the immediate superior/employee having decision-making authority in this area to assess whether the expenses incurred are commensurate with the purpose of the meeting.


In the event of any inconsistency between the Danish and English language versions of the document, the Danish version prevails.