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Use of official cars

University memo of 13 January 2015 on the use of the university’s official cars – updated May 208

Use of the university’s official cars 

In section 2.4.16 of the Budget Guidelines 2016, the Danish Ministry of Finance stipulated that official state cars may be used for official purposes only.

The university’s official cars may normally only be used by employees on official university business. This means that no private errands are allowed while driving.

During the use of the university’s official cars passengers are allowed, if it has an official purpose and does not entail further expenses for the university.

Because of the university’s official cars may only be used for official university business, no private errands are allowed while driving. Therefore, employees may not bring home on of the university’s official cars, in order to save time when driving the car the next day.

Passengers that are not employed by Aarhus University is not allowed when driving the university’s official cars, as this can be seen as distortive towards private transport companies.

However, upon application, the university has granted permission to students who needed to use official cars either in connection with study-related activities, particularly for gathering material for theses, or if assisting research projects.

The department heads/heads of school may grant permission to the department’s/school’s students when:

  • The department/school verifies that the student has a valid driving license for the relevant category of car
  • The department/school ensures to the greatest possible extent that the cars are used for official work-related driving only; and that 
  • Prior to the time of driving, the department head/head of school issues a written permit to the student and that the student, with his/her signature on a copy of the permit, confirms that he/she will use the car for official work-related driving only.

The Danish state is self-insured, and no comprehensive motor insurance or third-party liability insurance is taken out for official cars when used in Denmark. In connection with driving abroad, third-party liability insurance and any other insurance may be taken out if required in the relevant country.


In the event of any inconsistency between the Danish and English language versions of the document, the Danish version prevails.

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