Work anniversary


25th, 40th or 50th anniversary

Employees celebrating 25, 40 or 50 years of state employment receive both a bonus and an extra day off with pay. The employee’s years of service are calculated from when he/she first started working for the Danish state. HR calculates the employee’s years of service and informs the employee and his/her immediate supervisor of the anniversary date.

On his/her anniversary, the employee receives an anniversary bonus, an anniversary diploma and an anniversary gift from Aarhus University.

If the employee wishes, Aarhus University will mark the anniversary with a celebration, at which the diploma and the gift will be presented. The date and details of the celebration should be agreed on with the employee’s immediate supervisor.

Anniversary gifts

The employee may choose between two different anniversary gifts and will receive a personal link and password to the university’s gift shop via email. The password must be activated within ten day of receiving the email. The gift will then be sent to the employee’s department/school secretariat, which will arrange for the gift to be presented.
We also have a couple of our previous gifts, which you can still choose - as long as stock lasts. You can see them by logging in on the gift shop.

Georg Jensen Bloom bowl

Originating Japanese cherry blossoms are the clear inspiration behind the bowl of Bloom, whose oblique shape is the prime target of floral elegance. The glossy surface speaks for itself and invites you to give it your very own touch by filling it with eg fresh fruit, bread or flowers. Designed by Danish-born Helle Damkjær, Georg Jensen's Bloom collection stands as a loving tribute to minimalist beauty. The organic shapes set new standards for how form and function can be combined. The bowl Bloom is masterfully made of glass-polished stainless steel.

H: 112 mm. W: 140 mm. L: 220 mm.

Gin collection

Naud Gin has a lovely scent of lime, grapefruit and flowers freshly picked from the garden.  The taste is lively and strong, borne by citrus fruits, menthol and spices (cinnamon, cube, cardamom) - and ends in a fresh and sustained way. Alcohol content: 44%

1 bottle of Naud Gin 70 Cl 56011
3 tonic:
75012 Indian Hibiscus
75010 Tonic
75013 Ginger Ale
Measuring cup 2/4cl. H7, 1 cm.
Longdrink-spoon, mat steel L25, 4cm.
4 pcs. Birmioli Gin glas