Working from home

All employees at Aarhus University with duties that can be performed away from their normal workplace can make arrangements with their immediate superior to perform those duties from home during normal working hours. When working from home, employees must agree on specific work and scope with their superior in advance.

As a general rule, employees should not work from home for more than a few days at a time. Fixed, regular absences in order to work from home cannot be agreed.

When home working is agreed, both employees and their superior must consider the quality of the work, efficiency and how cooperation with colleagues and external partners will be affected.

When employees work from home, relevant information is given out regarding their absence and how they can be contacted. Employees must be prepared to come into work if exceptional circumstances make it necessary.

Working from home is not possible on sick days or absence with pay on a child’s first or second sickness day. This is out of consideration for employees, who must be allowed to be ill or look after a sick child without being expected to work at the same time, and considering the applicable rules regarding absence due to sickness or to look after a sick child. In cases where consideration for both the employee and work means that it is expedient for him/her to work from home while he/she or his/her child is ill, this can be agreed between the employee and his/her immediate superior.

The general rules for work performance apply irrespective of whether the work is done at home or in the workplace, e.g. the rules on confidentiality and handling confidential and sensitive information. Care must therefore be taken to handle verbal, written and electronic statements/documents in such a way as to comply with the rules.

Employees must also ensure that they comply with working environment rules regarding, e.g., breaks from working with computers.

It is up to the individual superior to decide whether having an employee working from home is compatible with the overall work performance of the unit.