Reduced working hours

Conclusion of agreement regarding part-time work

Collective agreements etc. generally specify an average number of hours per week (currently 37 hours) for full-time employment.

Virtually all colletive and trade union agreements make provision for part-time employment.

The Danish Act on Part-Time Work (Deltidsloven) stipulates that an employer and an employee are entitled to agree in the course of employment that the employee will work part-time. This applies regardless of whether there are any direct or indirect obstacles or restrictions by virtue of a collective agreeement, custom or practice.

An employee is not entitled to expect that a request to work part time will result in an agreement being reached in this respect, but the university will generally be accommodating when it comes to requests to work part time unless it is not considered possible for reasons relating to the work.

As far as academic staff members are concerned, at request to work part-time must be assessed in relation to the work in the department as a whole and whether the job structure´s description of the position´s content will be satisfied. Responsibilities will basically remain unchanged, but will have to be adjusted to the new, reduced hours.

An agreement to reduce working hours will be accompanied by a corresponding reduction in pay.

Requests for part-time employment should be made to the manager with staff responsibility. The manager must provide a reasen for rejecting the request.

Part-time employment can take various forms:

  • Part-time employment for a limited time period. When the agreed period of part-time employment comes to an end. the employee is entitled and obliged to return to his/her original hours.
  • If reduced working hours have been agreed upon until further notice, the employer can require the employee to return to his/her former hours with the same notice as for termination of employment. The employee is not entitled to resume full-time work, but can request to do so. The university should meet this request if possible.

HR must be informed of agreements on part-time working between an employee and manager with a view to formalising arrangements (addendum to the employee´s letter of appointment) and implementation in the payroll system.

The Danish Act on Partial Pension (Lov om delpension) does not affect the current collective agreement provisions relating to part-time employment. Requests to reduce working hours in order to go onto partial pension must therefore be handled in accordance with the gerelan rules.