Welcome package

Welcome material for new employees

All new employees should be sent a welcome package. The welcome package is ordered by the locally responsible as part of the preparation related to the welcoming of the new employee to AU. The welcome package is available in both a Danish and an English version.

The welcome package includes the following (as a minimum):

  • Welcome folder  DK|ENG
  • The AU profile brochure  DK|ENG
  • AU's strategy  DK|ENG
  • In Brief ENG
  • A map of AU  DK
  • The AU staff policy  DK|ENG
  • IT security folder  DK|ENG

International employees also receive:

  • International Academic Staff guide ENG
  • Aarhus Guide + Citymap (to employees in Aarhus)
  • PhD House Activity Group (to employees in Aarhus)
  • University International Club Programme (to employees in Aarhus)
  • Quick Grocery Dictionary

In addition, the individual unit may choose to include further local information.