Evacuation at AU

It is crucial to the activities of Aarhus University that all employees can safely perform their work. The university’s management and the Occupational Health and Safety Organisation shoulders a considerable responsibility for ensuring the safety of both students and staff.

To ensure that as many people as possible know what to do in the event of a fire, serious incident or major accident, evacuation plans must be drawn up in order to:

  • provide good conditions for evacuating the buildings
  • preventing and minimising loss of life and injury

What are we doing?

In practice, an evacuation plan means that

evacuation material will be displayed for each evacuation area which will include a yellow emergency vest for the evacuation marshal and an orange vest for the assembly point marshal with accompanying instructions.



The idea is that anyone can assume the role of either evacuation marshal or assembly point marshal.

The role of the evacuation marshal is to clear the area of people, while the assembly point marshal’s task is to receive the evacuees from the area at the designated assembly point outside the building.

In addition, information material will be available at central locations throughout the university. In connection with the implementation, local intro meetings will be held for employees and students with a view to preparing everyone as efficiently as possible for playing an active role in evacuating the building should a dangerous situation arise. Read more in ‘Evacuation on Aarhus University’