Appreciation is to respect the other person’s version of reality, the other person’s perspective.

    Being appreciative in your encounters with other people, you focus on intentions, resources, potential and opportunities on the assumption that everybody acts from a place of meaningful intention.

    Instead of regarding different perspectives as a potential source of conflict, you take a closer look at them and see possibilities. Different people may have different views on what is meaningful. Focus is therefore on seeing, listening to and understanding the other person – in a respectful manner.

    Dialogue tools

    Three levels of appreciation

    This dialogue tool is based on three levels of appreciation: praise, recognition and appreciation. The dialogue tool is straightforward and well suited for use in a group dialogue. You can also find background information about the three levels of appreciation in the dialogue tool.

    Appreciative style in the work environment

    The booklet from the Sector Working Environment Councils (BFA) provides an introduction to the ideas behind the appreciative approach and a number of specific ideas on how to work with well-being in the workplace by incorporating the appreciative dialogue into our everyday lives.

    When colleagues are different

    Publication to inspire dialogue and cooperation across the diversity of perspectives and experiences in the workplace published by the Danish Institute for Human Rights.

    Assertive communication in our group

    A dialogue tool which is intended to introduce an effective approach to communication, which can strengthen the individual’s ability and courage to express feelings, opinions and needs clearly and honestly –and with respect for others.

    Alignment with AU staff policy

    The theme ‘Appreciation’ relates to the following norms in the AU staff policy:

    • Norm no. 4: The university and all its employees demonstrate mutual respect and decency.
    • Norm no. 5: The university and all its employees experience good management and good relations with colleagues in their daily work.
    • Norm no. 6: The university and all its employees value diversity among colleagues. 
    • Norm no. 7: The university and all its employees respect the balance between work and private life.
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