Who to Contact

The mentor system is decentralised and thus administrated at the faculties/departments. If you wish to become a mentor, please see below for contact information.



Rikke Ringgaard, rikr@au.dk

Science and Technology:

Hans Binderup,  201608739@post.au.dk  


Rasmus Thøger Christensen, international.studievejleder.medicin@sun.au.dk

Aarhus BSS:

Law, Psychology, and Political Science: Jette Raalskov, jetter@au.dk

Economics, Business Communication and Marketing & Organisation: Nanna Gaarde Jensen, ngj@au.dk and Nina Jørgensen, nij@au.dk

Erasmus Mundus Journalism:

Xenia Samsøe Teilmann, xenia@cc.au.dk.