ADSL connection - set up, change, move

Please fill in the form below, if you want to order employee broadband; you are moving to a new address and wish to move your current employee broadband with you; you wish to change something in relation to your employee broadband.

The form will be sent to AU IT, who upon receiving it will forward it to your superior for approval.

Afterwards, AU IT will send your order to TDC, who will then send a receipt back to AU and to you (the user) with the date that your connection will be set up, moved, or changed. If necessary, you can change this date by contacting TDC.


Order / change / move your employee broadband

NB! Please note that if you/the user is not available at the agreed time, the appointment will be considered cancelled. You/your departmen will be charged 495 kroner if you/the user s not in when the installation contractor arrives.