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Everyone can see the displaynames for all the email accounts in the shared email and calendar system. The displayname is the text which is displayed under "Name" when looking someone up in the address book, and the text which stands under "From" when you receive an email.

A person's displayname is always his or her name. As a rule, the name registreret in the CPR register. All staff members can change their display name via (Self-service).

The name of a function, a list or a resource must be described concise.

It is therefore important that displaynames are as easy to understand and decode as possible – it is perhaps even more important to ensure that a displayname cannot be misunderstood to prevent the risk of emails being sent to an incorrect mailbox.

The main idea behind the guidelines is that displaynames are as user-friendly as possible, and that it should not be necessary to be familiar with the organisational structure beforehand to be able to find the right mailbox.

Danish is the language generally used.

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