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New email address

On this page you will find guides on how to change your email address:

  • Requirements for the email name
  • How to change the email name
  • Shortlist when you change your email address

Requirements for the email name

As such there are no limitations in the choice of email name. However, your immediate supervisor can demand that you change an inappropriate email name.

These are the technical limitations: 

  • The email name must not exceed 60 signs
  • The email name can contain numbers, small and capital letters and the following signs . (full stop) - (hyphen) _ (underscore) ~ (thilde)
  • The email name cannot start with any of the following signs . - _ ~
  • You cannot have two of the special signs in row

If it isn't the first time you change your email name, you will be asked to give a reason, e.g. you have changed your CPR name or the name you are registered with in AU's IT systems (called display name).


How to change your email name

You can change your email name at See how:

329895 / i40